Time Management Ninja Podcast #18 – 12 Tips for Better Email Communication

Write Better Emails for Better Results


Welcome to the Time Management Ninja Podcast, Episode #18.

Today’s episode is being more productive with your email. You don’t have to spend as much time in your inbox and can get better results.

Listen to today’s episode to hear 12 tips for better email communication.

May 11, 2018 by Time Management Ninja

Time Management Ninja #18 – 12 Tips for Better Email Communication

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Here is the list of tips in today’s podcast…

12 Tips for Better Email Communication:

  1. Check Your Email Sparingly
  2. No Silly Subject Lines
  3. The More Your Send, the More You Receive
  4. Write Your Email Backwards
  5. Limit Your Messages to 5 Lines
  6. Use Other Communication Methods when Appropriate
  7. Don’t Copy Extra People
  8. You Don’t Have to Respond to them All
  9. Avoid Fancy Fonts, Colors, and Signatures
  10. Never Read Email Before Bed or Before Breakfast
  11. Don’t Read Your Email, Act on it!
  12. Avoid Playing Email Ping-Pong


Time Management Ninja Podcast #13 – Top iPhone Productivity Apps

The Top Apps that Keep Me Productive on the Go


Welcome to the Time Management Ninja Podcast, Episode #13.

Today’s episode is about the Top iPhone Productivity Apps.

Change things up a little in today’s podcast. Instead of tips, I have productivity tools to share. Specifically, productivity apps that I use on my iPhone.

Listen to today’s episode to learn about my 12 most-used productivity apps.

Time Management Ninja #13 by Time Management Ninja | Anchor – The easiest way to make a podcast

The Top 12 Productivity Apps I Use on My iPhone

Don’t forget to add the TMN Podcast to your favorite podcast app. As well, if you download the Anchor.fm app to your phone… you can “call in” and ask me your questions about productivity and time management. I’d love to hear your questions, topics, and feedback.

Here is the list of apps in today’s podcast…

Top 12 Productivity Apps That I Use on My iPhone:

  1. Things
  2. Fantastical
  3. Apple Notes
  4. Contacts
  5. Trello
  6. Spark Email
  7. Slack
  8. Messages
  9. Scanner Pro
  10. Habit List
  11. PCalc
  12. Ulysses



TMN Podcast #1 – iPhone X Review

I have been asked for a long time about starting a Time Management Ninja podcast.

This past weekend, I recorded a first episode with my friend Ken.

It is a casual chat about the new iPhone X. We are both die-hard Apple users, so if you want to hear some details about FaceID, the new screen, and even the UI tweaks then take a listen.

I am using Anchor.fm for my podcasting platform. It is unique in that not only can I publish podcast episodes, but you as listeners can actually “call in” and leave messages and questions to my channel.

Check out my TMN channel here.

Download the Anchor.fm app for your phone and you will be able to listen to my TMN postings. Today, is all about the iPhone X, but future episodes will be about other productivity topics including: time management, organization, and goal planning.

You can also add the podcast to your traditional podcast apps. The podcast episodes will be listed in the traditional iTunes and Google Play directories.

Anchor – Time Management Ninja

Listen to Anchor audio from Time Management Ninja: Craig Jarrow’s Time Management Ninja… productivity, technology, and organization tips.

I’d love to hear your feedback. And by all means get on Anchor and “call in” to leave me your questions and comments.  You can ask about the iPhone X… and any time management related topics.

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