13 thoughts on “Make Your Resolutions Stick

  1. i just looking for some resolutions to stick together entire year which made the time become useful and fascinating.. and i absolutely have a lots tracks to chase to but still have create a boundary to limitation myself. So i’m in the pickle.. Thanks so much!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. As a leader in the entrepreneurial world time management is extremely important. The interesting point to note is that most don’t plan their day or know what to do. And there is a lot to do. Perhaps they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. If they can’t do this how could they possibly make a resolution stick.

  3. After my career floundered and my savings dried up, I was stuck in a badplace.
    And as I tried to take action and do something about my situation, a voice inside me wanted to stop me every step of the way.
    But I realized that I couldn’t make those changes because a part of my brain refused to.
    I have done some research on this phenomenon, and science shows that the human mind protects a person from anything unfamiliar or uncomfortable.
    That includes any attempt to break out of your situation. To your brain, any kind of change is threatening.
    So if you’ve ever felt stuck in your life, or find yourself firing off a bunch of excuses to “protect” yourself from trying something new – you have your mind to thank for that.
    And it manifests in ways that you don’t realize. We’re so ingrained in our mental habits sometimes that we don’t notice how we’re silently undermining ourselves.
    So a little self-awareness is in order, don’t you think?
    I hope that once you can see these self-sabotaging habits for what they are, you’ll step up and do something about it. See how I changed myself: http://bit.ly/2rlEb5q

  4. This image says it all, for sure most of the resolution have a premature death by Jan end and slow death by Feb last. So for sure if anyone what to achieve the desired set short goals and timeline to complete those goals and for sure at the end of the day you will achieve success..

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