You Can’t Do Email and Talk at the Same Time

Do One Thing at a Time and One Thing Only

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they are doing something else?

In fact, they are doing everything but looking and listening to you. The conversation goes on, and then finally they say, “Can you repeat that?”

It’s frustrating. Yet, we are all guilty of this from time to time.

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8 Ways to Deal With Unproductive Days

You Can Put Your Productivity Back on Track

This is a guest post by Matthew Snider, a personal development junkie and a regular blogger at Self Development Secrets.

Let’s face it, there are some days when the clock keeps moving ahead, you keep falling behind, and you eventually feel like giving up entirely. We can’t be productive every single day, and we do lots of things that wastes our time. But you shouldn’t let the lack of productivity stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.

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10 Ways Leaders with Bad Time Management Hurt Companies

How Disorganized Leaders Bring Chaos to their Teams

I recently heard in the workplace, “He/she is a great leader, but horrible at time management.”

This sounds like a a contradiction in terms.

Good leaders increase a team’s output. They accelerate things, remove obstacles, and lift individuals to their potential.

Being “bad at time management” isn’t something that goes well with those objectives.

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5 Simple Morning Habits That Will Increase Productivity

Set Yourself Up for Success Every Day

This is a guest post by Brit Haines. Brit is a Kansas City native, freelance writer, and founder of, where she helps busy self-improvers conquer the one thing we all struggle through no matter our differences: life.

Mornings are powerful. They set the entire mood and tone for the day ahead, from your thoughts to your actions. And because what we do in the morning often becomes a habit or ritual, these habits are crucial.

Morning habits influence your productivity, time management, happiness, and even your overall health.

Yet, we fail to take the time to create our perfect morning.

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How Much Time Will You Spend in Meetings this Week?

Why Meetings Don't Get Work Done

Is your schedule overrun with meetings?

Before you even begin your workday is your calendar full of meetings.

Take a look a your calendar and add up how much time you will spend in conference rooms this week.

When will you get your work done if you are stuck in meetings all day?

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Apple AirPods: 9 Things I Like and 4 That I Don’t

The Best Apple Product I Have Bought Recently

While everyone is waiting for the next iPhone, there is another great Apple product that many people have overlooked. I am referring to Apple’s wireless earphones, that they call AirPods.

AirPods were released last December, after a short delay. They have been hard to obtain ever since, and are still on a 6-week backorder. A recent survey ranked customers satisfaction at 98% for AirPods. (Truly amazing!)

I have been very happy with my AirPods for the past several months. Today, I want to share what I like about them, and a few things I would like to see improved.

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