5 Things You’re Doing Right Now That Waste Time

Use These 5 Tips to Replace Your Time Wasting Habits

This is a guest post by Matthew Snider, a personal development junkie and a regular blogger at Self Development Secrets.

We have a lot to do. We have jobs, hobbies, and families, and only 24 hours in a day. And some of that time we need to get some sleep! So it’s helpful to learn to use our time more intentionally to be sure that we’re getting the things done that matter most.

We know the things we should be doing, but how do we break the habit of wasting time on the non-priorities?

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Four Steps to Making the Most Out of Your Meeting Notes

Work Your Notes for Increased Productivity

This is a guest post by Steven Ovadia, a writer and librarian. He curates The Linux Setup and is the author of “Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches.”

Everyone knows that feeling of getting out of a long meeting. You just want to get away from it as quickly as possible.

Often this escape means sticking meeting your notes somewhere. Hopefully someplace you’ll find them again (unless you’ve learned to keep them in one place…), but not necessarily depending upon the type of meeting and your state of mind by the end of it.

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6 Simple Steps to Achieve Inbox Zero

How I Manage an Inbox That Gets about 500 Emails a Day

6 Steps to Inbox Zero

This is a guest post by Heather Baker.  When she’s not embracing real life (offline, sans gadgets), Heather Baker wears her mantle as TopLine Comms founder and CEO with all the enthusiasm you’d expect of a PR pundit and inbound marketing afficionado.

If you’re like me you have a constant stream of emails arriving in your inbox, some of them needing almost immediate attention.

When we first opened shop eight years ago my partner and I had only a small handful of clients to service in our marketing firm. My inbox reflected as much, with daily emails rarely reaching double digits.

As time went by and we started closing more and more pitches, comms increased exponentially. Until one day I opened my laptop and found in excess of 500 emails waiting for me. At that point I realized the time for being reactive had come and gone.

You’ve likely reached that point too.  What we need is a solid, proactive plan for keeping our inbox at zero. I tested a few different approaches before finally landing on this one. It’s as effective as it is simple.

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5 Tips on Juggling Your Family and Your Business

You Can Have Work-Life Balance


This is a guest post by Dolly Santos. Dolly Santos is an information junkie. She loves researching and learning about new topics. At DollyMath she compiles thoughtful educational articles based on her conscientious analysis of available information.

When you’re a business owner, your business can consume your life.

All fine details that go into running the business divert time and energy from your family. Creating a balance is a necessity if you want to stay sane.

What are some ways you can be successful at business and at home?

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4 Benefits Of Rising Early and How To Master Morning Wake-ups

Get Up Earlier to Increase Your Productivity

4 Benefits of Rising Early

This is a guest post by Sophia Mest. Content Manager at BizDb, she aspires to put her writing passion into practice and spread her words across the world.

Nothing helps to start a day on a productive note like waking up early can.

Rising early in the morning is worth the effort. Becoming an early riser will give you more time to achieve your goals.

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5 Steps to Stage Your Project and Be More Productive

Staging Your Way to Productivity

5 Steps to Stage Your Project

This is a guest post by Steven Ovadia, a writer and librarian. He curates The Linux Setup and is writing “Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches.”

You have a bunch of work projects.  So you begin the process of transferring first-steps and ideas to your to-do list.

This might get some projects started, but it might not be the best way to get them completed.

You are missing the big picture. You can’t see how the projects fit in with each other.

To understand the projects better, to be more productive,  you must break them down into tasks.

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5 Ways to Master a Healthy Breakfast without Breaking a Sweat

Your Productivity at Work Depends on the Right Food

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This is a guest post by Michael Lingenfelter. From professional dancer to fitness and nutrition expert,  Michael helps make health and fitness fun and possible for busy people at Uncomfortablyfit.com.

Do you find yourself skipping breakfast because you don’t have enough time in the morning? Or, even worse, grabbing a breakfast that is quick, but unhealthy?

Starting your day off with an unhealthy breakfast can not only impact your pant size — it can also negatively impact your productivity at work. A study published in the journal Population Health Management showed that unhealthy eating is linked with a 66 percent increase in loss of productivity.

“To stay productive, you need to fuel yourself with the right foods.”

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Prioritize Your Projects to Get More Done

Factoring Your Projects with the Prioirity Triangle

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This is a guest post by “Captain D.”  At eighteen, when most young lads were fighting angry professors in college, Captain D was fighting the waves of the roaring North Atlantic.  He is now in command of one of the largest Ocean liners in the world. In his blog The Soul Creator, he details specific workable strategies to be a winner in life. 

We often get hit by different jobs at a rate higher than we can work them out.

The Bosporus Strait is the narrow stretch of water between The Marmara Sea on the Turkish coast and Black sea bordering Russia, and one of the most painfully congested areas to navigate on earth.  The sea ahead seemed choppy and unruly. Wind speed was picking up fast.

As Commander, I had several quick decisions to make. Things on deck needed to be secured. The Pilot needed to disembark before high waves hit us, and before it became impossible to get him off the vessel. The possibility of slowing down to avoid impending disaster had to be assessed. Traffic ahead of us gave little room to maneuver. All departments needed to be informed so that they can start preparing for bad weather immediately. All this in a matter of minutes.

Too many things at once? Well, that’s just another day for us out at sea.

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7 Ways To Keep Your Focus and Conquer Distractions

Be Attentive and Get More Done

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This is a guest post by Armela Escalona.  You can find more of her work at Scoopfed, where she is a blogger, content marketer and editor.

Sometimes it’s  hard to focus on work.

Zig Ziglar said, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

More than anything, focus helps us improve our performance. It allows us to finish tasks on time and handle each stressful moment with ease.

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5 Tips to Stop Putting Off Your Goals Until Later

Set Your Plans in Motion to Reach Your Goals

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This is a guest post by Melissa Chu, founder of Jump Start Your Dream Life, where she helps people find time to do what they love and create an impact through their work. You can get the guide that shows you how to get started on your goals today.

You look at others who excel in their field and imagine that you’ll be just like them someday.

With these ambitions and hopes floating in your mind, you get to work, turn on the computer, and then…

You’re laughing at the latest viral video, browsing through your social media, and wondering what the latest gossip is for today.

What happened? Where did all your dreams and ambitions go? It was only moments earlier that you were all pumped and ready to work on your goals.

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