5 Ways to Master a Healthy Breakfast without Breaking a Sweat

Your Productivity at Work Depends on the Right Food

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This is a guest post by Michael Lingenfelter. From professional dancer to fitness and nutrition expert,  Michael helps make health and fitness fun and possible for busy people at Uncomfortablyfit.com.

Do you find yourself skipping breakfast because you don’t have enough time in the morning? Or, even worse, grabbing a breakfast that is quick, but unhealthy?

Starting your day off with an unhealthy breakfast can not only impact your pant size — it can also negatively impact your productivity at work. A study published in the journal Population Health Management showed that unhealthy eating is linked with a 66 percent increase in loss of productivity.

“To stay productive, you need to fuel yourself with the right foods.”

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Prioritize Your Projects to Get More Done

Factoring Your Projects with the Prioirity Triangle

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This is a guest post by “Captain D.”  At eighteen, when most young lads were fighting angry professors in college, Captain D was fighting the waves of the roaring North Atlantic.  He is now in command of one of the largest Ocean liners in the world. In his blog The Soul Creator, he details specific workable strategies to be a winner in life. 

We often get hit by different jobs at a rate higher than we can work them out.

The Bosporus Strait is the narrow stretch of water between The Marmara Sea on the Turkish coast and Black sea bordering Russia, and one of the most painfully congested areas to navigate on earth.  The sea ahead seemed choppy and unruly. Wind speed was picking up fast.

As Commander, I had several quick decisions to make. Things on deck needed to be secured. The Pilot needed to disembark before high waves hit us, and before it became impossible to get him off the vessel. The possibility of slowing down to avoid impending disaster had to be assessed. Traffic ahead of us gave little room to maneuver. All departments needed to be informed so that they can start preparing for bad weather immediately. All this in a matter of minutes.

Too many things at once? Well, that’s just another day for us out at sea.

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7 Ways To Keep Your Focus and Conquer Distractions

Be Attentive and Get More Done

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This is a guest post by Armela Escalona.  You can find more of her work at Scoopfed, where she is a blogger, content marketer and editor.

Sometimes it’s  hard to focus on work.

Zig Ziglar said, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

More than anything, focus helps us improve our performance. It allows us to finish tasks on time and handle each stressful moment with ease.

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5 Tips to Stop Putting Off Your Goals Until Later

Set Your Plans in Motion to Reach Your Goals

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This is a guest post by Melissa Chu, founder of Jump Start Your Dream Life, where she helps people find time to do what they love and create an impact through their work. You can get the guide that shows you how to get started on your goals today.

You look at others who excel in their field and imagine that you’ll be just like them someday.

With these ambitions and hopes floating in your mind, you get to work, turn on the computer, and then…

You’re laughing at the latest viral video, browsing through your social media, and wondering what the latest gossip is for today.

What happened? Where did all your dreams and ambitions go? It was only moments earlier that you were all pumped and ready to work on your goals.

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8 Elements Every Leader Needs to Optimize Team Efficiency

Leadership Lessons from a Ship's Captain

8 Elements Every Leader Needs

This is a guest post by “Captain D.”  At eighteen, when most young lads were fighting angry professors in college, Captain D was fighting the waves of the roaring North Atlantic. Learn more about his eventful life journey at his blog The Soul Creator, which details specific workable strategies to be a winner in life.

The deadline is looming. You have a big project to get done.

The team needs to work together.  There is a crucial job to complete and everyone is stressed.

However, you know “the buck stops here.” Sound familiar?

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5 Smart Ways to Stay on Schedule

5 Steps to a Balanced Life

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This is a guest post by Rashelle Isip. Rashelle is a consultant, author, and founder of The Order Expert, a blog featuring organizing, time management and productivity tips, ideas and inspiration to help people ‘round the world “kick chaos to the curb.”

You’ve carefully laid out your projects, meetings, and appointments in your planner.

Everything looks great on paper, but for some strange reason, you just can’t keep on schedule.

You regularly fall five, ten, twenty minutes behind…or more.

You’re puzzled and frustrated. Just how can you keep things in balance?

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3 Reasons You Should Manage Your Time Like You Manage Your Money

Why You Should Spend and Invest Your Time Wisely


This is a guest post by Karen Trepte. Karen is an International Business Coach for entrepreneurs with big hearts and even bigger dreams. You can download her ebook, “3 Top Strategies to Get Out of Overwhelm here.

Do you remember that well-known quote that asks us to imagine we have a bank account with $86,400 in it that is refilled each day?

The quote goes on to say that we do have that account, but that it is time, not money. The point being to show the value of time, from a year down to a second.

What if you managed your time as closely as you managed your money? Think about it. What would you do if a person came up to you and asked for $500? Would you give it without a thought?

What if the same person came up and asked for 500 seconds (about 8.5 minutes)? Or 500 minutes (about 8 hours)? Chances are you wouldn’t even flinch. We do it all the time. “Got a minute?” and the next thing we know, we’ve spent 20 minutes listening to someone complain.

We wouldn’t hand over our cash on a whim, so why are we so quick to give away our valuable time?

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3 Simple Tips That Improve Your E-mail Productivity


This is a guest post by Timo Kiander. Timo is a blogger, author, and speaker who helps work-at-home professionals get stuff done fast so that they have time for living. Download his report which gives you even more tips on how to improve your e-mail (Gmail) productivity.

Email is a very effective communication tool. You can send a message across the globe in seconds. You can reach thousands of people just by sending one email message.

Unfortunately, e-mail is also a major source of distraction for people in their everyday work. This is a shame, since e-mail is still – if used correctly – a good way to get your message across inexpensively and effectively. So how can we stop the major distraction, but keep using email effectively?

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Can Instant Messaging Help You Regain Control of Your Inbox?


This is a guest post by Sebastian Bos Sebastian works on behalf of Cryoserver, a leading email forensic archiving solutions company located both in the UK and in the USA.

Instant messaging (IM) has suffered unfairly over the last 20 years, afflicted with a rocky reputation as a social media platform for gossiping teenagers and bored university students. Its abilities as a powerful enterprise collaboration tool have largely been underestimated, with email owning the workplace.

IM has been particularly pigeonholed in the US, where some 70% of teenagers already send more instant messages than emails. With that kind of engrained loyalty, it could be set for a resurgence in the workplace in the near future and could even overtake email as the dominant communication tool.

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6 Things Successful People Do During Their Lunch Break

Lunch Break

This is a guest post by Madeleine Allann. Madeleine is an academic consultant and an author who mostly writes on education, leadership and social sharing posts. She helps students who feel difficulty in choosing the right field in university and help students regarding their essays at Essay Spot.

Munchin’ on your luncheon might be a healthy habit, depending on how, what, and where you eat.

Different people have different habits in the way they spend their time during lunch breaks. Some may choose to go to a nearby café while others may choose to chit chat with a colleague or two.

Some of the I-totally-love-my-work, professional-nerds might still be stuck to their chairs, trying to complete a task or two.

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