About TMN

Welcome! I am Craig Jarrow, the author of Time Management Ninja.

The mission of this site is to help individuals and companies reclaim their time.

I write about time management, productivity, and goal setting. I also share new technology and tools that I am testing.

My time management philosophy is about learning proper skills, habits, and tools that empower people to take control of their professional and personal lives.

I believe in the simplest answer to bring about the most effective result. Not tricks that no one can implement, nor solutions that are too complex to be sustainable.

“If your time management system requires a flowchart, it is probably too complicated for everyday use.”

My goal is to provide tips, techniques, and tools to help you get more done with minimal effort. If you like mastery of your time, technology tools, and actionable answers, then TMN is for you.

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Best of TMN

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My Background

Time management has been a passion of mine all the way back to my early school days.

I have published hundreds of articles on time management, goal setting, and organization. Additionally, I have taught time management at companies ranging from The Home Depot to the U.S. Navy.

My blog has been featured on websites including: American Express OPEN, Law.com, Spinsucks.com, Accomplish Radio, and the International Business Times.

Ironically, the TMN concept started as a book before it was a blog. Maybe at some point I will publish the book format. 🙂

I am currently in development of several TMN courses around goal setting, time management, and life skills. Stay tuned for exciting announcements around these projects.

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A few final, but very important notes…

  • My Site – This is my personal blog where I share my perspectives on time management, productivity, clutter and wasted time.
  • Opinions – All writings contain my individual views and do not represent those of any employer past, present, or future.
  • Reviews – My reviews are always based on personal experience and knowledge.  I do not do paid reviews or placements. If you wish for me to review your product, you can reach out via my contact form.
  • Guest Posts – I do accept limited guest posts. I solely determine what guest posts are accepted and published.
  • Affiliate Links – From time-to-time I may write posts about services or products that contain affiliate links.

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