The Right Time is Always Right Now

Stop Putting Things Off Waiting for the Perfect Time

Right Now is the Right Time

You may be asking yourself, “When is the right time to start?”

To begin your big goal. To commence working out. Or even just to do the tasks on your task list.

The answer is always the same… “Right now is the right time.”

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5 Tips for Backing Up Your Digital Possessions

Are Your Photos, Documents, and Information Safe?

pablo (34)We protect our physical assets.

Our belongings, valuables, and more.

Yet, in this day, more and more of our assets are digital rather than physical.

What could you lose if you computer or phone were broken or stolen? Are you digital assets protected and backed up?

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5 Times to Say No to Yourself to Stay Productive

Get More Done by Asking, "What Shouldn't I Be Doing?"

pablo (32)You have an important task or looming deadline.

Yet, you find yourself surfing the Internet, checking your social feeds, or reading the news.

To stay on task, sometimes you need to ask yourself, “What shouldn’t I be doing right now?

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You Can Plan Anywhere

Get Creative with Your Planning Location

You Can Plan AnywhereI do some of my best planning at the gym.

Really, I do.

You might think that planning would get in the way of working out. However, it is “being in the zone” that frees my mind to come up with many of the ideas that my brain has been accumulating.

Where do you do your best planning?

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