You Can’t Do Email and Talk at the Same Time

Do One Thing at a Time and One Thing Only

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they are doing something else?

In fact, they are doing everything but looking and listening to you. The conversation goes on, and then finally they say, “Can you repeat that?”

It’s frustrating. Yet, we are all guilty of this from time to time.

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10 Ways Leaders with Bad Time Management Hurt Companies

How Disorganized Leaders Bring Chaos to their Teams

I recently heard in the workplace, “He/she is a great leader, but horrible at time management.”

This sounds like a a contradiction in terms.

Good leaders increase a team’s output. They accelerate things, remove obstacles, and lift individuals to their potential.

Being “bad at time management” isn’t something that goes well with those objectives.

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How Much Time Will You Spend in Meetings this Week?

Why Meetings Don't Get Work Done

Is your schedule overrun with meetings?

Before you even begin your workday is your calendar full of meetings.

Take a look a your calendar and add up how much time you will spend in conference rooms this week.

When will you get your work done if you are stuck in meetings all day?

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10 Tips to Make Your Presentations More Productive

How to Stop Wasting People's Time with PowerPoint


Even the word, makes many people cringe.

If you have ever been in an endless PowerPoint presentation, you know exactly what I am talking about.

PowerPoint is supposed to be a great way to present your ideas. Yet, most people are not effective when they use it.

Today, I have 10 tips to help your presentations be more productive.

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5 Ways to Break Your Routine to Get Better Results

Change What You Do to Change the Results You Get

Routines are powerful.

Routines let you plan your day for productivity. They provide familiarity and habit to help you get things done with consistency and less effort.

Yet, the same routines that you ride everyday may also be limiting your current potential.

Could changing your routine be the “jolt” you need to improve your results?

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10 Simple Time Management Tactics for Your Day

Keep Your Productivity Simple

While many people don’t use any time management setup in their day-to-day, I am always amazed by the ones that have a system so complex that it is unmanageable.

Their time management ends up taking more effort than it saves.

Time management isn’t supposed to be complex. Today, I want to share 10 simple and effortless time management basics that should be part of your daily productivity habits.

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