Make Sure You Are Always Taking Notes

Capture Notes Now, So That You Have Them Later

Make Sure You Are Always Taking Notes

When you encounter an important piece of information, are you ready to capture it?

Do you rely on your memory? Or do you have to scramble for a pen and random piece of paper?

Whenever you encounter important information, make sure you take note or else you will find yourself searching for the same facts later. 

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Do Three Important Things Every Single Day

Make Sure You Are Completing Your Most Important Tasks

Do Three Important Things Every Single Day

As you get ready for your day, you are probably taking inventory of how many tasks you have to do, how many places you must go, and the people you need to see.

You todo list can seem a mile long, and your day can seem daunting even before it begins.

But, before you charge into your workday, and try to complete all of those things, ask yourself a tough question:

“Will you do anything important today?”

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10 Ways to Slow Down and Still Get More Done

Increase Your Productivity by Reducing the Pace of Your Day

10 Ways to slow down and still get more done
In your attempts to get even more done, you probably find yourself rushing through your day. Going faster and faster to conquer the chaos of your schedule.

Yet, racing to finish line of your day isn’t always the most effective course.

Today, consider slowing down.

You might just find that you get more done.

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Should You Ban Technology in Your Meetings?

Have More Productive Meetings without Technology Interruptions

Ban TechnologyTechnology is supposed to help us get more done. Yet, our computers and gadgets can also be great distractors.

Perhaps, one of the best examples of this is in meeting situations.

Think of your last meeting. Did technology actually help the conversation or did it distract and interrupt the business at hand?

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Four Ways to Tackle Your Top Tasks

How to Prioritize Your Many Todos

Tackle Tough Tasks

This is a guest post by Kelly Smith, a self proclaimed technology addict at CourseFinder,  a tool helping people find and compare Australian online courses.  There she combines her huge interest in new tech solutions and leadership trends with her love for writing.

When you’re bombarded with a list of things to do that looks more like an epic novel, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you’ve even started. Starting can feel impossible when you have no idea where to do it.

You aren’t going to get very far if you’re lost in the labyrinth of helplessness. The first step is to get yourself organized with a to-do list, and the second step is to determine the best way to tackle all of your important tasks.

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