5 Reasons You Aren’t Using Your Productivity Tools and Gadgets

Why Your Time Management Tools Aren't Getting the Job Done

You probably have many time management tools. Perhaps, too many.

You are always trying out the latest gadget or planner to help boost your productivity efforts.

Yet, you find that many of your tools go unused.

If they are supposed to help you get more done, why do they seem to take more time than they save?

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10 Mistakes You’re Making When Setting Your Goals

Finding and Fixing Your Goal-Setting Mistakes

BYE10biggestMost people don’t hit their goals because of a few common mistakes.

If you’ve ever struggled to hit any of your goals or perhaps you want to go BIG this year and want every advantage you can get, you must discover the 10 mistakes you’re making when setting goals, (and how to fix them).

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10 Things to Get Done When No One is in the Office

Take Advantage of a Quiet Workplace To Get Work Done

10 Things to Do When Do One Is in the Office

It is a quiet work week and many workplaces are empty.

However, if you are one of those who find themselves at work in an empty office, it can be a great time to be productive.

What can you get done while no one is at work this week?

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10 Things You Could Do Before the Year is Over

What Can You Still Accomplish Before Next Year Arrives?

10 Things You Could Do Before Year is Over

The holidays are here.

Many people are already off for the break. Others are still working.

Regardless of your status, one thing is the same, there is still time to get things done before the year is over.

Don’t let the end of your year go to waste.

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