Live in the Now, Not in Your Phone

Your Life Is Up Here, Not Looking Down at Your Phone

If you look around, you’ll probably see people endlessly staring at their phones. It doesn’t matter if you are in a restaurant, at the mall, or even a public restroom, people are staring at shiny gadgets in their hands.

Endlessly surfing the internet, reading meaningless news, or playing games, they are more entranced with the tiny screens on their devices than aware of what is going on around them. (Sometimes dangerously unaware…)

Yet, life does’t happen in a phone. It happens right around you.

The question is, “Are you even paying attention?” Or are you too busy looking at your phone.

Look Up From Your Phone

I was in a restaurant the other night and as I looked around at each table I observed individuals looking at their phones. It is a pretty common occurrence these days.

What could be so important that these people were interrupting their dinner to read on their phones. It must have been important, right?

Probably not. Most of what we look at on our phones is inconsequential and meaningless.

Meanwhile, life is happening all around us. While looking at your phone you are missing what is going on around you. You are missing the chance to talk to your significant other. Or observe others. Or simply to take in your surroundings.

If you’re staring at your phone, you are missing everything that is going on in your life!

I remember a time when we didn’t have magical electronic devices in our pockets. And we didn’t have endless distractions of apps, social networks, and other silliness.

Yet, letting your phone take over your life is a choice. At any time, you can choose to look up from your phone.

Here are some tips to help you prevent your phone from keeping you from your life:

  • Your Phone Should be a Tool, Not a Toy – Your phone should be a productivity tool that makes your life easier and more efficient. It shouldn’t be taking up more time than it is giving back.
  • Tune Out the Noise – The vast majority of what you are reading on your phone is noise. News, social media, celebrities. 99.9% of it is meaningless. It doesn’t add to your life. In fact, it has been shown that the majority of it is negative. Why bring that negativity into your life?
  • Don’t Let Your Technology Be a Leash – Your technology shouldn’t be a leash. Just because you can check your work email on your phone, doesn’t mean you should be doing it will on a date with your spouse.
  • Remember It’s for Your Convenience – Similarly, always remember that your phone is there for your convenience. It’s not there for others. So, don’t answer that phone when you are busy or with someone. And turn off the endless notifications that interrupt your life.

Live in the Now, Not in Your Phone

If you let your phone rule your life, it will. It will take all your time, attention, and more. If you step back, you will realize that your life isn’t inside a phone. It is happening all around you, all the time.

And as the famous movie quote says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Make sure you don’t miss your life because you are looking at your phone.

Question: How do you ensure that your phone isn’t distracting you from your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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One thought on “Live in the Now, Not in Your Phone

  1. Before smartphones did people sitting in restaurants engage each other in conversation or looked around observing the world? Or were they engaged in some other “ignoring you” activity, like reading from a book or newspaper? Are you pining for something that never was?

    I guess I am asking do you know for fact that smartphones are the problem?

    I am asking questions.