Time Management Ninja Podcast #19 – Ten Small Tips for Big Results

Welcome to the Time Management Ninja Podcast, Episode #19.

Today’s episode is the small changes you can make that can produce big results in your life. Big changes are usually the result of many small, yet consistent steps.

Listen to today’s episode to hear 10 small tips for big results.


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Here is the list of tips in today’s podcast…

10 Small Tips for Big Results in Your Life:

  1. Catch Up Each Day
  2. Read for 20 Minutes
  3. Get that Workout In
  4. Learn a New Skill
  5. Mediate for 10 Minutes
  6. Keep a Journal
  7. Always Be Cleaning
  8. Turn Off the News
  9. Get up Earlier
  10. Start a New Habit

10 thoughts on “Time Management Ninja Podcast #19 – Ten Small Tips for Big Results

    1. Using the Priority Matrix
      To use the priority matrix, it is best to review your tasks on a daily basis. Each day, ask yourself:
      Which of my tasks needs doing within the next 48 hours?
      Those are the ‘Urgent’ tasks.
      Of the urgent tasks, which ones are more important?

      It is a good idea to list your tasks in order of importance, rather than giving them an absolute ‘important/not important’ distinction.
      Of the non-urgent tasks, which ones are more important?
      Again, it is a good idea to list them in order, rather than giving them an absolute distinction.
      Now use the answers to these questions to allocate your tasks to the boxes in the priority matrix, following these rules:
      Each box should contain no more than about seven or eight tasks.
      Start with the ‘Do Now’ box.
      Crucially, don’t put off urgent or important things just because they are unpleasant. They won’t get any better for procrastinating.
      Next, look at the less urgent but still important tasks. Decide what you are going to do about them, and then schedule time into your diary to do them, or consider delegating them to someone else.
      Delegate the urgent but easier/less important tasks.
      Now eliminate the non-urgent and non-important tasks.
      Finally, do the work. Start your ‘Do Now’ list. When you finish it, move onto the scheduled work or tasks.
      If there are more tasks that you can manage in any quadrant, it is time to a) do some, b) delegate some or c) eliminate some.

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