10 Things You Could Do Before the Year is Over

What Can You Still Accomplish Before Next Year Arrives?

10 Things You Could Do Before Year is Over

The holidays are here.

Many people are already off for the break. Others are still working.

Regardless of your status, one thing is the same, there is still time to get things done before the year is over.

Don’t let the end of your year go to waste.

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7 Tips to Help You Unplug from Work During the Holidays

Are You Truly "on Vacation" When Away from Work?


It’s the holiday season.

Many people will be taking time off. Yet, many will still be “working” while they are away from the office.

Will you truly unplug during your vacation? Or will you continue to be at the beck and call of your email, messages, and notifications?

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How 5 Days Can Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Act Today to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever & Get Several Bonuses

BYE Video 3Imagine 12 months from now…

You’re looking back on your year thinking to yourself “what a year I’ve had.”

Goals in all areas of your life were getting checked off your list.

Health goals. Financial goals. Relationship goals.

Are your ready to make 2016 Your Best Year Ever?

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5 Ways to Drive Your Creativity When You Don’t Have the Spark

How to Be Creative When You Aren't Feeling Productive

5 Ways To Drive Your Creativity

Sometimes you don’t feel creative.

Other times the ideas just flow and flow.

If your job requires you to write or create new things, you need to be able to be creative even when you don’t feel like it.

Today, I want to share several of my top tips to drive your creativity when you don’t feel productive.

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3 Questions You Must Ask to Reach Your Goals

What Life Are You Living, and How Does it Affect Reaching Your Goals?

three questions to reach your goalsChances are, you’re starting to think about 2016.

Most do around this time of year. What did you resolve to do on January 1, 2015…and did you do it?

If you didn’t, don’t feel alone. It’s estimated only 8% of people complete their annual goals.

What will it take for you to finally reach your goals in the New Year?

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4 Signs Your Time Management Tools Are Doing Their Job

Are Your Using Your Productivity Tools Effectively?

Time Management Tools Job

You have the tools.

They are intended to save you time and keep you on schedule.

But, are they doing the job?

Or have they become more of a distraction and burden to your productivity?

Make sure your time management tools are doing their job.

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5 Tips to Help You Stay Organized All-the-Time

Staying Clean is Always Easier Than Cleaning Up

Stay Organized All the Time

You spend an entire day cleaning up.

You put things away, you file items, and you even clean up messes.

Things look organized… for a moment. But, what happens next?

Less than a week later, everything is back to a mess, and you have to start all over again.

Do you repeat this vicious cycle over-and-over?

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5 Reasons You Should Always Work from Your Todo List

Stick to Your List to Stay on Track and Productive

5 Reason Always Work Your ListYou just finished a task and are ready to start something new.

What do you do next?

Do you pick up whatever is in front of you? Or begin whichever todo is closest to you?

Before you do anything… you need to check your list.

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The Power of Always Writing Things Down

Write It Down Now, So You Don’t Have to Remember It Later

Power of Always Writing Things Down

When was the last time you wished you had written something down?

Maybe it was the detail that you forgot from a meeting. Or a deadline that you needed to meet. Or perhaps, it was something as simple as the type of light bulb you needed to pick up at The Home Depot.

Whatever it was… I bet you wish you had written it down.

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Today is Always the Second Best Day to Start

You Didn't Start Yesterday, So Start Today

The second best Day to Start

You have a goal that you have always wanted to accomplish. It invades your daydreams, and permeates your night thoughts.

Yet, you still haven’t started it. Why not?

Maybe you are waiting for a better time or a perfect day.

Well, today is the day.

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