Do You Really Need Email on Your Phone?

Why You Don't Need Email Everywhere You Go

Do You Really Need Email on Your Phone

Once upon a time, having email on your phone was the coolest thing ever.

(Heck, Blackberry built an empire on it… which it subsequently lost.)

Doing email on the go was cool. And you were a big deal if you answered emails while on-the-go.

Yet, at some point, mobile email changed. It transformed from a productive activity to a leash.

Suddenly, email became a nuisance that interrupts life 24/7.

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Make Sure You Are Always Taking Notes

Capture Notes Now, So That You Have Them Later

Make Sure You Are Always Taking Notes

When you encounter an important piece of information, are you ready to capture it?

Do you rely on your memory? Or do you have to scramble for a pen and random piece of paper?

Whenever you encounter important information, make sure you take note or else you will find yourself searching for the same facts later. 

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Do Three Important Things Every Single Day

Make Sure You Are Completing Your Most Important Tasks

Do Three Important Things Every Single Day

As you get ready for your day, you are probably taking inventory of how many tasks you have to do, how many places you must go, and the people you need to see.

You todo list can seem a mile long, and your day can seem daunting even before it begins.

But, before you charge into your workday, and try to complete all of those things, ask yourself a tough question:

“Will you do anything important today?”

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Should You Ban Technology in Your Meetings?

Have More Productive Meetings without Technology Interruptions

Ban TechnologyTechnology is supposed to help us get more done. Yet, our computers and gadgets can also be great distractors.

Perhaps, one of the best examples of this is in meeting situations.

Think of your last meeting. Did technology actually help the conversation or did it distract and interrupt the business at hand?

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10 Things You Should Do Right the First Time

The Difference Between Doing Something and Doing It Right is Usually Seconds


Ever do a task, and then have to do it again a short time later?

Why? Because you didn’t do it right the first time.

You left it half-done. You didn’t put it away. Or you didn’t give it your full effort.

The difference between doing something and doing it right is usually only a few seconds.

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7 Reasons Your Time Management Must Be Flexible

Your Time Management Should Adapt to Life’s Daily Adventures

7 Reasons Your Time Management Must Be Flexible

When some people think of time management, they think of rigid schedules and sterile checklists.

Yet, your time management must remain flexible if it is going to be truly effective.

In fact, your time management must be ready to adapt to life’s daily adventures.

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