5 Ways to Choose Happiness

Why Your Attitude Determines Your Reality

Choose Happiness
How is your day going to be today?

Is this going to be another boring day? One that leaves your complaining about work? Or one that runs you ragged?

That doesn’t sound that fun. That sounds like a bad day.

Yet, the secret is that you have a choice. You can let life push you around. Or you can keep your head held high no matter what life throws at you.

Your attitude determines your reality each day.

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5 Tips to Stop Wasting Time Making Decisions

Stop Procrastinating Decisions and Start Making Them

Wasting Time Making DecisionsWe live in a FOMO world.

Everyone is afraid of “missing out” or being “left out.” We have too many choices and more options than every before.

This can lead to decision paralysis. After all, why make a choice now, if a better option may become available tomorrow.

Are you spending more time pondering decisions, than actually acting on them?

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6 Tips to Help You Work First, so You Can Play at Ease

Don't Confuse Things You Want to Do with Things You Need to Do

Work Frist, play laterYou are supposed to be doing an important project.

When suddenly, you realize that you are doing something else entirely. It’s easy to confuse the things you want to do with the things you need to do.

Before you know it, you have spent hours on mindless, often meaningless, tasks.

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5 Tips to Help Put Meetings in Their Place

Always Put Your Todos Before Your Meetings

Put Meetings in Their PlaceI was talking to a business colleague the other day who was venting that he was spending almost 8 hours a day in meetings.

Curious, I asked, “When are you doing your work, then?”

“That’s my problem! I am not getting to any of it!”

Are you spending your day in meetings instead of doing your work?

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Are You Taking Your Notes in All the Wrong Places?

5 Tips to Keep Your Notes All in One Place

Taking Notes in Wrong PlacesWhere do you take notes?

That is a tough question for many to answer. In fact, a note-taking tool is usually the tool missing from most time management toolkits.

Todo lists, calendars, and even address books are pretty common. But, as simple as they need to be, not everyone has a note-taking tool at their disposal.

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Clean Up Your Phone for Increased Productivity

When Was the Last Time You Organized Your Phone?

Clean Up Your PhoneYou spend time cleaning your office, your car, and even your bedroom. You also spend countless hours filing paper and email.

Yet, when was the last time you cleaned up your phone?

Is it as organized as the rest of your life, or is it a mess of unused apps, notifications, and more?

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Always Give Yourself More Time Than You Think You Need

Don’t Underestimate the Time Needed to Complete Your Tasks

Give Yourself More TimeAre you guilty of not allowing enough time for even life’s simple tasks?

You end up rushing because you didn’t allow enough time for getting ready, traveling to obligations, and finishing last-minute work.

Not allowing enough time is a sure recipe for stress, disorganization, and wasted time.

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