8 Tips to Keep Your Desk Clutter Free

How to Keep Your Workspace Clean

Take a look at your desk right now. Is it clean?

Or perhaps, it is covered in clutter and things that you need to put away.

It’s more difficult to get your work done when your workplace is covered in stuff.

Today, I have 8 tips to help your keep your workspace clean.

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5 Cleanup Tasks You Should Do Before You Leave Work Each Week

Get Peace of Mind by Getting Organized Before the Weekend

You are finishing up your work week. If you can just get that last task done, you can run out of the office for the weekend.

But, what are you leaving in your wake? What messes are you leaving behind that will be waiting for you Monday morning? And what tasks will haunt your brain?

If you spend just a few minutes cleaning up your work, you will have a much more enjoyable weekend.

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10 Reasons You Have Too Much Clutter

Why You Let Clutter Take Over Your Life

Chances are you have too much stuff.
And by stuff, I mean clutter.

You know that you have too much stuff, but you don’t get rid of it. Instead, it takes over your life until you can’t remember the last time you saw the floor of your office or the top of your dresser.

Simply put, you have too much stuff in your life.

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6 Tips to Keep Clutter from Becoming a Bigger Mess

Make Cleaning a Habit Instead of a Project

6 Tips to Keep clutter from Becoming a Bigger MessHave you ever spent an entire day cleaning up your house? Or your garage? Or your office?

It’s not fun to have to dig out of a big accumulated mess.

Those “big messes” don’t create themselves. And with a little discipline and effort you can prevent those large time-consuming clean up jobs.

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It’s Always Easier to Keep Up, than Catch Up

A Steady Pace Now is Better than a Mad Scramble Later

Easier to Keep Up than Catch Up

You are behind on your work.

You know the feeling, and it’s not a good one. It causes stress, worry, and much wasted time.

It could have been avoided if only you had kept up with your obligations and deadlines in the first place.

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57 Things to Keep in Evernote

What You Should Put in Your Evernote Notebooks

57 Things to Keep in Evernote

Most people have heard of the note-taking application Evernote.

Many have tried it out online or on their mobile devices.

However, one of the most often asked questions I get about it is, “What am I supposed to put in it?”

So today, I am sharing 57 things that you can capture in Evernote.

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5 Reasons You Should Keep All Your Notes in One Place

Why One Notebook for Your Notes is Best

Notes in one place

Do you ever find yourself searching for that one note that you know you wrote down somewhere?

Perhaps, it is a last-minute frantic search for a piece of information that you need. Or you have been endlessly searching for days for that missing document.

You need to keep your notes in one place.

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