Spend Less Time Making Decisions and More Time Owning Them

Make Decisions and Own them

“Where do you want to go for lunch?”
“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know. Wherever you want.”
“I don’t care.”

This conversation happens too often.

If you can’t make simple decisions, how are you going to make the tough ones?

How Early is Early Anyway?

How Early is Early

We all know the “late rush.”

It’s not fun.

Hurrying to that next meeting. Driving too fast to an appointment. Or even doing less than your best work on a deliverable that is now overdue.

When was the last time you were early? To a meeting? With a deliverable? Or reaching a goal?

You might be wondering, “How early is early anyway?”

Why You Need One Place for Your Notes

One Place for Your Notes

Ever go looking for something you wrote down, but you just don’t know where you wrote it down?

Taking notes is crucial to your productivity, however you need to be consistent in where you take those notes.

To minimize your efforts, you need a notebook.

In fact, what you need is one place for your notes.

Busy Bee Syndrome – When Companies Mistake Busyness with Productivity

Busy Bee Syndrome

Productivity is an elusive quality for many companies.

Ironically, the more a company pursues productivity, the more it seems to slip through its fingers.

Additional resources end up clogging up the works. More rules, structure, and process create unneeded delays and bureaucracy. When activity does occur, companies tend to recognize busyness instead of progress.

Does your company promote the right behaviors to increase productivity, or has inefficiency become a self-fulfilling prophecy of your company’s busyness?