5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overthink Your Decisions

Waiting to Make Decisions Leads to Missed Opportunities

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Overthink Your DecisionsHow long to do you take to make decisions?

If you are like many people, you might ponder a decision until it becomes more of a burden than a choice. And by repeatedly putting it off, you create more stress and work for yourself.

Sometimes, you may even over analyze and wait so long on a decision that it is made for you.

What decision have you been putting off because you have been overthinking?

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8 Ways to Have Fewer Meetings in Your Day

How Many Meetings is Too Many?

Fewer MeetingsHave you ever spent an entire day in meetings?

I bet at the end of the last meeting, you were exhausted.

As well, you probably felt like you didn’t accomplish much, and you were worrying about all the things you didn’t get done while you were locked up in a conference room.

How do you know when too many meetings is just too many?

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7 Tips to Keep Your Time Management Simple

Simple Productivity Tactics Get More Done


7 Tips Simple Time ManagementWhen it comes to time management…. less is usually more.

It’s not the latest shiny gadget that makes you more productive.

Rather it is the tried and true, simple solutions, that are most effective.

And when it comes to getting things done, simple usually wins.

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Why You Should Never Finish Your Todo List

Your Todo List Should Always Have Something on It

Why You Should Never Finish Your Todo List

Do you spend your entire workday chasing your todo list?

It can be a constant battle between adding tasks and crossing them off as you complete them.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, you shouldn’t worry about finishing your list.

While Inbox Zero may be an ideal to strive for your email, you shouldn’t ever get your todo list to empty.

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5 Simple Truths to Help You Stay Organized and Clutter Free

Easy Rules for Cleaning Up And Keeping Your Life in Order

Cleaning Truths

Is your desk a mess right now?

How about your inbox?

Do I dare ask about the trunk of your car?

If you struggle to keep your life organized, read on, for 5 simple truths to help you stay clutter free.

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7 Signs That Your Calendar is Overbooked

Top Indicators that You are Over-Scheduling Yourself

7 Signs Calendar Overbooked-1

Does your calendar have more colors and blocks than a Tetris board?

Are you constantly trying to fit more meetings into your day? Even finding yourself double-booked in many cases?

If so, your calendar is overbooked. You are causing unneeded stress and life friction in your day.

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7 Times You Need to Slow Down to Reduce Stress

Why Slowing Down Reduces Stress & Gets More Done

7 Times slow down stress

You are rushing out the door late for your day.

Or hurrying to the next meeting that has already started.

Your day isn’t going smoothly.

Are you stressed because you are always rushing? Or rushing because you are always stressed?

Either way, you need to slow down.

Not only will you reduce your stress, but you’ll probably get more done in the process.

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Why You Should Make All Your Phones Calls at Once

Schedule Phone Time Daily to Get Your Calls Done

make all your calls at once
What phone calls do you need to make today?

To call that business partner back? To make a doctor’s appointment? Or perhaps, to address that customer service issue you have been putting off?

Often, these quick calls slip through the cracks and get put off day-after-day.

What can you do that will jump start your phone calls and make sure you get them done every day?

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10 Tips to Make a Powerful To-Do List

Customize Your List to Your Life and Get More Done

pablo (1)

This is a guest post by Sean Smith. Smith is the Growth Master for Tribe, the app that makes it easy to track all of your tasks in your email.

When you peek at your to-do list, is it powerful?

Or is it cluttered with mindless tasks?

How can you actually get stuff done with your to-do list?

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