5 Simple Morning Habits That Will Increase Productivity

This is a guest post by Brit Haines. Brit is a Kansas City native, freelance writer, and founder of BeWrit.com, where she helps busy self-improvers conquer the one thing we all struggle through no matter our differences: life.

Mornings are powerful. They set the entire mood and tone for the day ahead, from your thoughts to your actions. And because what we do in the morning often becomes a habit or ritual, these habits are crucial.

Morning habits influence your productivity, time management, happiness, and even your overall health.

Yet, we fail to take the time to create our perfect morning.

From Perfect Morning To Productivity

It only takes a small amount of time to invest in your future and increase your productivity simultaneously.

Here are 5 simple morning habits that will increase your productivity, not only daily, but throughout time:

1. Plan Ahead – To set your morning up for success, plan in advance. Whether you prefer to strategize each night or once at the start of the week, prep for your mornings by creating healthy breakfast and lunch options, keep your necessities like keys, laptop, and briefcase by the door, and even arrange your outfit. This will decrease the amount of brain power and time spent making decisions in the morning, freeing your brain to focus on more important tasks.

2. Get Your Head on Straight – Start each day with an expectation for yourself, something you can carry out in a day that will benefit your life. Think of one meaningful task you could accomplish, prioritize your top three daily tasks, and take a moment to imagine what a successful day looks like. What you do matters, but visualization and positive thinking can improve your mood and promote a positive and productive day.

3. Cut Out Distractions – Because phones often coexist as a morning alarm, the temptation to lay in bed and immediately scour email and social media updates is immense. Yet, avoiding email and social media until you make it into the office will allow you extra time to instead focus on completing your most important daily task first. This often-overlooked strategy will perfect your productivity, and your day will thank you.

4. Take Time For You – Take care of yourself first. Use your mornings to do something you enjoy alone, like yoga or meditation, writing or reading, or a 15-30-minute walk or run. Use this time as “you time” to broaden your perspective and create a calmer, happier you that’s ready to tackle the day. A morning workout is a sought-after choice if health is your priority, as exercise bright and early can provide a boost of energy.

5. Nourish Your Body – Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but a glass of water in the morning will re-energize your tired, dehydrated body and flush out toxins, allowing it to wake along with your mind and promote ultimate function. A healthy, hydrated mind is ready for any obstacle, which is exactly what you need to remain productive.

Daily (Productivity) is Simple

With the right morning habits, you can set your future up for success.

And with less and less effort each day, you will enhance your productivity.

Add any of these 5 simple morning habits to your routine, and combine them for added time management (Bonus points if you create a morning routine using all 5). Now, watch your life blossom.

5 thoughts on “5 Simple Morning Habits That Will Increase Productivity

  1. Guilty with the staying in bed even after the alarms blow off to check social media.
    Now I don’t even try to open my laptop until noon.
    Takes a lot of willpower, but it can be done. 🙂

  2. A part of my morning routine is checking my Kanban board. Thanks to it, I know exactly what tasks I should perform. I don’t waste time on trying to figure it out, I can start working immediately. And the Kanban method helps me to manage my tasks a lot more efficient. If you want to read more about the method, here’s a good source of knowledge: https://kanbantool.com/kanban-library/introduction

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