5 Core Principles Leaders Should Follow To Have More Productive Teams

Team Productivity

This is a guest post by Shawn Hartwell. Shawn is the author of his personal blog where he writes about customer experience, the importance of happy people in modern business, and shares his observations on life.

Leaders are not created equally, nor is the team that results from their different styles of leadership.

There are a number of pitfalls that the majority of team leaders fall into that cause time to be wasted in organizations.

Many teams are proud of their ability to get things done, but are they as effective as they could be?

5 Surprising Ways to Stay Zen Despite Your Insane Workload


This is a guest post by Linda Coussement, a blogger at Inspired Process. She’s on a quest to (r)evolutionise the business world by helping entrepreneurs build and grow remarkable businesses. Follow her on Twitter.

Your to do list is overflowing…

Heck, your monthly calendar is overflowing…

You feel the tension and sense of dread already setting in…

How on earth are you going to tackle all this and keep your peace of mind?

5 Critical Steps To Take Before You Can Delegate Effectively

Delegate note

This is a guest post by Holistic Time Coach Julie Gray. Julie works with small business owners who are ready to work less and contribute more, and is offering a free e-course on the 7 Killer Time Management Mistakes You Don’t Realize You Are Making (And What To Do About It).

You hear it all the time – delegate more! Use your team! Empower those that work for you!

Forget that.

I’d rather just do it myself and put an end to the torture of trying to explain the subtle nuances of a job well done.

I’d rather not subject myself to endless inane questions about what exactly it is I am looking for.

I’d rather avoid the possibility of re-doing an entire project and putting everyone behind schedule just so the new office eager beaver can “get his feet wet.”

And why do I feel this way?

The Surprisingly Simple Fix To My Email Stress

Email Trick-1

This is a guest post by Blake Stratton. Blake is a musician and writer in Nashville, whose blog and podcast, Life In The Woods, is all about bringing hope to independent creatives.

How’s your email stress level?
Are you annoyed by how much time email sucks from your day?

Like you, I was frustrated with the power email wielded over my time. Despite all kinds of tools and email management strategies, I was still checking it all the time. You know your “system” isn’t working if you’re doing email in the grocery check-out line.

Have you been there?

The Only List You’ll Ever Need to Bulldoze Your Daily To-dos

Today List

This is a guest post by Stef Gonzaga. Stef is a freelance writer and resident blogger at TeamGantt, who writes about productivity, the latest apps, and using one’s creativity for the greater good.

Task management has always been a staple to productivity, yet we often find ourselves warring with our to-dos.

We mourn over the pile of long-forgotten tasks that never ceases to haunt us. We rub our temples over the growing number of items piling up. We feel pressured over a task’s complexity, and so we put it off for another day.

5 Work from Home Habits That are Killing Your Productivity

Working From Home

This is a guest post by Sarah Gabot. Sarah is a Marketing Manager at Sqwiggle, a company dedicated to bringing together distributed teams and empowering remote workers by improving team collaboration and communication.

When you’re working from home, you get certain privileges that traditional office workers don’t get. For instance, you get to work in your pajamas and avoid a dreadful commute. However, people working from home have to face one of the biggest challenges of all: finding the discipline to stay on-task.

7 Top Time-Saving Tools for Streamlining Everyday Tasks

Helpful Tips

This is a guest post by James White. James works for Inbound Marketing Inc and in his free time blogs at InfoBros.

We’ve all been there. We work on a project and spend triple the time we thought we would to finish it. We’ve also all been privy to the effects of (and warnings about) procrastination. When you’ve tried every trick in the book for staying on-schedule, it’s time to make sure you’re using the right tools.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Evernote

Evernote Wordphoto

This is a guest post by Sara Caputo, MA, a productivity coach, consultant, and trainer based in Santa Barbara, California. She is the founder and principal of Radiant Organizing, a professional organizing and consulting company.

Information abounds these days, and most people are feeling the brunt of not just paper overload but also digital overload. With the popularity of smart phones and apps, it has become even more confusing as to where and how to store, organize and find the information we want to keep.

Enter Evernote!

If you’re like most people, you have heard of Evernote, but aren’t sure what to do with it. I think of it as a personal database system – customized exactly for my brain.

4 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Own Time Management

Broken Time

This is a guest post by Kirstin O’Donovan. Kirstin is a Productivity coach and founder of TopResultsCoaching.  She specializes in helping individuals master their time, to be more productive and organized. You may connect with her via Twitter.

Everyone agrees that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything we want.

“I just don’t have the time…I will get around to it when I can…I never have time for myself,” are common comments we hear almost every day. Suppose we did have a few more hours in the day, how much would that change things?

Top 10 Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make to Slow Down Productivity on Social Media

Social Media

Chad Goulde is the community outreach coordinator for TheBlogBuilders.com. They help bloggers stop wasting time using non-productive means for promoting their blog posts. Learn to use social media the right way from TheBlogBuilders, your blogging experts.

Most bloggers understand just how valuable social media networks are for driving traffic to blogs. Yet, beginner bloggers have no idea how to use these networks correctly. No matter how much social media continues to evolve, there will always be do’s and don’ts when it comes to blogging.