Freeze! Nobody move! What is on your desk?

Freeze! Nobody move!
This is an inspection. What is on your desk…right now???
Papers. Post-its? highlighters? Binders from last month? Unfinished sodas? Last year’s magazines?

How are you working in that mess?
I recommend that you start each day by spending 5 minutes cleaning up your workspace.  It will pay off in spades in terms of productivity.  (When was the last time you “lost” something on your desk?)

And no…we are not buying the “they are organized piles…I know where everything is” excuse.

File it or Trash it

If you are not immediately working on it, either “file it” or “trash it.”

Personally, I prefer the “trash it” method.  Put away what you need and then get rid of what you don’t in order to get your workspace clean.

Productivity Increase

You will find that a few things happen if you regularly clean your workspace:

  • You will be able to work on the task at hand without shuffling other things on your desk.
  • You will not “lose” things on your desk.
  • You peers will notice your “new” reduced clutter attitude.  They may follow suit.
  • You will have less accidents knocking stuff off your desk.  (Don’t say it doesn’t happen).
  • You will get more done. Period.
Cleaning your workspace is a prefect example of where “spending time” pays with more time later.
So, what are you waiting for…clean up your workspace for 5 minutes!
PS – There will be another inspection… 🙂

Disorganization Hurts

I have often said that lack of organization and time management can ruin careers and families.  (See Life Friction)
But, today, I want to point out that disorganization can literally hurt you.
Doubtful?  How many accidents in the home are due to clutter that should have been put away?  Have you ever taken a tumble down the stairs or in the garage due to stuff laying around?
What about in the workplace?  How many workplace injuries are the result of materials that were left where they should not have been.  Or a heavy load that could have been avoided?
So, remember, before you fail to put something away… it may come back to hurt you later.  🙂

How can I work in a hotel like this?!

When you travel, whether business or leisure, you want a nice place to relax when you get to the hotel.

These pics are from an upscale hotel where I stayed.  When I reached my room I was amazed to see that every surface top was covered with clutter.
Magazines, brochures, ads, remotes, pens, pads, junk, glasses, and who knows what, were neatly spread out on each table and nightstand.
There was no room for any of my stuff, let alone room to setup to do some work.
I swept all this stuff into a large pile and placed it in the corner of the room out of the way.
What are your exeperiences with travel clutter?  What hotels have a good sense of organization?
If you have pics, link them below.
BTW – Seems like hotels are a good opportunity for some professional organizers to lend their services.

Does your company make you clean your virtual office?

Can you have virtual clutter?


 I spent the other day cleaning up my iPhone.  Yes, my iPhone.


It had become cluttered with quite a few apps.  In fact, I had over 120 apps installed when I started cleaning.


I had been avoiding it for a while.  In fact, I had been using iPhone’s Spotlight feature to find some of my apps since they were buried in many pages of icons.


As I cleaned I tried to keep only the bare essentials, but it was so hard to DELETE those programs.  Even though I could always download them again in a few moments from the app store.  Was I being a virtual packrat?


This is not necessarily something new.  After all, look at the desktop on most Windows PCs.  Most are littered with dozens of files, programs, etc.


So, as we move more and more into virtual workplaces… will companies have a “clean up your virtual office day?”


What do you think?  Should people be responsible for their virtual work environment?


– TMNinja