10 Places You Are Putting Clutter That You Shouldn’t

The battle against clutter seems to be a never-ending one.

Chances are, you are constantly fighting to keep your “stuff” organized and put away. Yet, it seems to always be piling up.

The question you need to ask is, “Where are you putting your clutter that you shouldn’t be?”

Don’t Let Your Clutter Take Over

Our possessions define us. And in many people’s lives, it seems that their possessions own them versus the other way around.

Stuff just sort of takes over our lives to the point that we waste time cleaning it up, searching for lost items, and in general just shuffling it around.

“Make sure you are owning your possessions rather than the other way around.”

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Where is your clutter?

If you are not disciplined about putting your stuff away, then it will eventually take over your home and your workplace.

Here are 10 Places You Are Putting Your Clutter That You Shouldn’t Be:

  1. In Your Car – One of my favorite places to check for clutter. For many, their cars have become mobile closets of their “stuff.” Hint: Things should not remain in your car for extended periods. Look in your backseat and trunk. How long have items been there?
  2. On Your Desk – Desks are for working on, not for storing things. Make sure you keep your workspace clean so that you can give attention to your work rather than the clutter.
  3. In Your Drawers and Closets – Wait, I hear you say, “Aren’t things supposed to go in these spaces?” Yes, if you are putting them away. But, if you are using drawers as piles then they are not better than your desk.
  4. Piles – Piles are not storage formations. And piles are not productive. You end up spending more time searching for things than if you had put them away.
  5. In Laundry Baskets – Laundry baskets should not be used as storage. If your laundry baskets have become your default place to look for clothes, you know you have an issue. Put those clothes away so you can find what you are looking for.
  6. In the Garage – The garage is common place for clutter because that is where many people enter and exit their home. So, it is easy to drop stuff there. Resist using the garage as a “dumping ground” when coming and going.
  7. On the stairs – The stairs is another common place for stuff. Maybe it seems like you are “getting things in the right direction” by putting them on the stairs to go up or down at a later time. But, these piles can really become dangerous and a trip hazard. Tip: If you do put things on the stairs, have a hard rule that you take something with you every time you go up or down. And of course, that you put it away en route.
  8. Countertops and Tables – The kitchen table isn’t for storage either. Try to declare your kitchen a “clutter free zone.” Keep countertops and tables clean of clutter so that you don’t have to make room ever time you want to eat.
  9. You Bag or Purse – What is in your purse, book bag, or briefcase? Is it the things you need today? Or items that you regularly use? Take a deep look, and remove the abundance of junk and trash that accumulates there.
  10. The Floor of Your Bedroom – Ok, this one is low. (Pun intended.) If you are just dropping things on the floor of your bedroom, you are making a mess for later. Keep the floor clean and put things where they belong.

Where Is Your Clutter?

Today, take a look at your cutter.

Where is it at work? At home?
Take some time to clean it up.

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