7 Ways Your Time Management Is Putting You At Risk

Productivity at Risk

I worked with an individual whose time management was destroying him.

His work reputation was that of a slacker who didn’t get anything done. People did not want to work with him. They were afraid to rely on him for tasks, and important projects were given to others.

In fact, he was on the verge of losing his job.

His relationships were not strong. Others stopped inviting him to events, because he often failed to show up.

His health was suffering because he never had time to exercise or get to the gym.

This individual’s disorganization was destroying him on all fronts… work, personal, and health.

What about you? Is your productivity putting you at risk?

Is Your Productivity Putting You at Risk?

We don’t usually think about lack of time management as dangerous.

Yet, the impacts of poor time management can be devastating.

It can destroy careers, relationships, and more.

“Poor time management can put you at risk in many areas of your life.” (Tweet this quote)

What is your lack of time management putting at risk?

  1. Your Reputation – Your time management reputation proceeds you. Don’t underestimate the impression that your productivity says about you.
  2. Your Health – Exercise is often one of the first things to be “put off” when you are overwhelmed. Is your lack of organization preventing your from staying in shape? Do you miss doctor’s appointments because you are “too busy” to schedule or attend them? This will catch up with you if you don’t take care of it.
  3. Your Job – Does your boss give important tasks to others because you are not reliable? Do co-workers avoid working with you because they think you will impede their progress? (See #1)
  4. Your Relationships – Do friends stop including you in plans because you will be late or not show at all? Are you a reliable friend or always too busy to spend time or help a friend in need?
  5. Your Money – Poor time management affects your money, as well. Late fees, poor credit scores, and more penalties, await those who do not  take care of their finances in a timely manner.
  6. Your Workload – The more you put things off, the more work you will have to do later. Your non-productiveness is multiplying your workload. If you are having trouble keeping up now, the last thing you need is even more work.
  7. Your Personal Life – If you complain of “not having a personal life,” it may be due to your own actions. Do you keep strong boundaries between work and life? Or do you let your job dominate every moment of your life?

Take Care of Your Time Management

Don’t let your time management (or lack thereof) put you at risk.

If you are not getting things done, then you are probably overwhelmed in many areas of your life. Some planning and organization can save you much stress and strife.

Take care of your time management, so that it can take care of you.

Question: How is your productivity putting you at risk?

7 thoughts on “7 Ways Your Time Management Is Putting You At Risk

  1. This post really hit home for me. I used to be this guy. I gained twenty pounds in one year because I “didn’t have the time” to exercise. Somehow I still found the time to watch 3 hours of TV a day and commute 55 miles to work each way.

    Learning to manage time is just as much about learning to recognize what is most valuable to you as it is about doing things efficiently. It doesn’t matter how fast you get stuff done if it’s stuff that isn’t important, or if you have to sacrifice your health to do it.

  2. Great post, It’s tied in with achieving the most critical assignments in the most productive measure of time, so you can invest more energy doing the things you appreciate.

  3. First off all, congratulations on this post. This i really awesome but that’s what you always crank out my friend. Great posts that we can sink our teeth into and really go to work.

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