Deposit Checks via iPhone! USAA

USAA Banking App allows check deposit via iPhone

USAA has had one of the leading banking apps for the iPhone for some time.

Always pushing forward, USAA upgraded their app yesterday to include check deposit via your iPhone.

You read that right… USAA customers can now deposit checks by simply taking pictures of the front and back of the check.  And magic!  It is deposited in your account.

USAA has had the Deposit@Home feature for some time that has allowed their customers to deposit checks via their home computers with a scanner.  It works well.

I have yet to test this new app.  I don’t have any checks to deposit!  In fact, I cannot remember the last time I had to deposit a check.

As slick as this app is, I wonder if it is quicker that the 30 seconds it takes me to put a check in a pre-paid deposit envelope and walk it to the mailbox. Then again, if you want almost instant deposit this could really be a time saver.

Does your company make you clean your virtual office?

Can you have virtual clutter?


 I spent the other day cleaning up my iPhone.  Yes, my iPhone.


It had become cluttered with quite a few apps.  In fact, I had over 120 apps installed when I started cleaning.


I had been avoiding it for a while.  In fact, I had been using iPhone’s Spotlight feature to find some of my apps since they were buried in many pages of icons.


As I cleaned I tried to keep only the bare essentials, but it was so hard to DELETE those programs.  Even though I could always download them again in a few moments from the app store.  Was I being a virtual packrat?


This is not necessarily something new.  After all, look at the desktop on most Windows PCs.  Most are littered with dozens of files, programs, etc.


So, as we move more and more into virtual workplaces… will companies have a “clean up your virtual office day?”


What do you think?  Should people be responsible for their virtual work environment?


– TMNinja