Why You Should Write That Task Down RIGHT Now

Stop What You Are Doing & Capture that Todo on Your List

Why You Should Write That Task Down RIGHT NowYou think of that one todo.

Or you come up with a brilliant million-dollar idea.

Then later, it slips your mind. You can’t remember it, no matter how hard you try.

Don’t let important ideas escape you, always write them down immediately.

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Stop Trying to Escape Your Life, and Live It!

Don't Wait for Tomorrow, Make the Most of Today

Too often I hear people say things like, “Things will be better when I…” or “Someday I am going to do…”

But, “some day” seldom arrives.

It stays in some imaginary future.

Instead of trying to escape your current existence, live it to fullest.

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21 Ways to Stop Rushing through Your Day

You Shouldn't Have to Hurry All the Time

21 Ways to Stop Rushing

Does every day seem to be a mad rush from the moment you jump out of bed to when you fall back in bed at night?

You’re not alone.

Many people say they are always in a hurry throughout their day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rush a little less through your day? 

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What Could You Accomplish in Six (and a Half) Years?

Six Years Accomplish

Six (and a half) years ago, I wrote my first blog post.

Six (and a half) years later, Time Management Ninja continues to grow.

This past year was the best year of TMN yet.

I am stunned by the readership, fans, and sponsors that TMN has gained.

In 2015, TMN stats included over 1.3 million readers in 229 countries. Yes, million… amazing! (Even more amazing, as there are only officially 196 countries by the United Nation’s standards.)

If you told me 6 (and a half) years ago that 1.3 million people would read my time management posts each year, I wouldn’t have believed it. I still remember when I was happy if TMN reached double digits in a day. (Yes, meaning 10 readers.)

So, today I ask, “Where could you get in six and half years?”

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5 Ways a Positive Attitude Makes You More Productive

How Your Attitude Affects Your Work

5 Ways Positive Attitude Makes You More Productive

Do you head into your day with a positive outlook? Or do you dread starting your work day?

Before you get too far, you might want to take a moment to check your mood.

Your attitude, positive or negative, directly affects your ability to complete your tasks.

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5 Reasons You Aren’t Using Your Productivity Tools and Gadgets

Why Your Time Management Tools Aren't Getting the Job Done

You probably have many time management tools. Perhaps, too many.

You are always trying out the latest gadget or planner to help boost your productivity efforts.

Yet, you find that many of your tools go unused.

If they are supposed to help you get more done, why do they seem to take more time than they save?

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10 Things to Get Done When No One is in the Office

Take Advantage of a Quiet Workplace To Get Work Done

10 Things to Do When Do One Is in the Office

It is a quiet work week and many workplaces are empty.

However, if you are one of those who find themselves at work in an empty office, it can be a great time to be productive.

What can you get done while no one is at work this week?

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10 Things You Could Do Before the Year is Over

What Can You Still Accomplish Before Next Year Arrives?

10 Things You Could Do Before Year is Over

The holidays are here.

Many people are already off for the break. Others are still working.

Regardless of your status, one thing is the same, there is still time to get things done before the year is over.

Don’t let the end of your year go to waste.

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7 Tips to Help You Unplug from Work During the Holidays

Are You Truly "on Vacation" When Away from Work?


It’s the holiday season.

Many people will be taking time off. Yet, many will still be “working” while they are away from the office.

Will you truly unplug during your vacation? Or will you continue to be at the beck and call of your email, messages, and notifications?

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