TMN Podcast #3 – 10 Tips to Make Your Phone More Productive

Welcome to the Time Management Ninja Podcast, Episode #3.

Today is all about making our phones more productive.

After all, we take our phones with us everywhere. And while they can be used for many productive tasks, they can also be big time wasters and interruptions of our day.

So, take a listen today for some simple yet effective tips to keep your phone in check.

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Here is the list of tips in today’s podcast:

10 Tips to Make Your Phone More Productive

  1. Clean Up that Home Screen
  2. Turn Off the Notifications
  3. Use Customize Tones
  4. Don’t Answer the Phone!
  5. Resist Checking Email
  6. Silence Your Device
  7. Do Not Disturb Mode
  8. Purge those apps!
  9. Take lots of pictures
  10. Put It Down
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