4 Tips to Get That Undone Task to Done

We all have things that keep slipping.

Tasks that we keep putting off. And off some more.
Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

Make it your goal this week to do one undone task that has been haunting you for some time.

What’s Undone on Your List?

What long-term task has been hanging out on your todo list?

Maybe it’s been there for a few weeks. Or a few months. (Hopefully, not years…)

I am not referring to goals. Those are much further reaching and require much dedication, time, and effort.

Rather, something that you could do this week, yet you have been putting off for as long as you can remember. It’s either hiding near the bottom of your todo list, or maybe you have even proactively moved it to your Someday-Maybe list.

It could be:

  • Getting your car maintenance done
  • Scheduling that doctor’s appointment
  • Renewing your passport
  • Taking your pet to the vet
  • Reading that motivational book you bought
  • Updating your benefits information at work
  • Canceling a recurring bill that you continue to pay for

All of these are important examples. What is your undone task? And why hasn’t it been done?

It may not be a simple task. But, it is one that could be done with some effort and focus.

Get one long-standing undone task on your schedule this week.

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Here are 4 Tips to Help You Get Your Undone Task to Done:

  1. Start with a Small Step – If your task is one that you have been avoiding, there is a reason. Maybe you don’t want to do it. Maybe you think it will too difficult. Or even that you don’t know where to begin. To jumpstart this todo, take even the smallest first step. Maybe research the topic. Or add it back to the top of your list. Or gather the materials required to complete it.
  2. Pick a Time – Don’t just say you will do your task this week, actually set time aside to do it. Make an appointment on your calendar. Yes, schedule a meeting with your task. That way you know that you will have some uninterrupted time to work on it.
  3. Allow More Time Than You Think – Most tasks require more time than you initially estimate. Doubly so for tasks that you have let sit for some time. Allow extra time beyond what you think your undone task will require.
  4. Don’t Wait to the Last Minute – Don’t leave your undone task until the end of the week. Rather, start it early and get it done as soon as possible. Not only does this feel great, but it allows for the unforeseen. You will have time to course correct or even allocate more time to the task.

Get that Undone Task to Done

The challenge is to pick an undone task that you have put off for months.

Get it on your schedule for this week. Make sure you dedicate adequate time and resources to it.

That pesky undone task can be done. And it can be done this week.

Question: What is your undone task that you will get done this week? What extra effort will it require? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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