Why You Should Pick a Time for Your Tasks

Pick a Time for Your TasksYou keep saying you will do that task.

Yet, you keep putting it off, and you never seem to get to it.

When will you actually do it?

The simple question you need to ask is, “At what time will I get this task done?”

Pick a Time to Do Your Work

You tell yourself that you will do that task “when you get around to it.”

But, “around to it” isn’t a time. That time will never come during your day. And inevitably, what happens is that you don’t have enough time to do your todos in between your meetings and other obligations.

A simple and very effective technique, to ensure that you will have enough time to do your work, is to schedule time on your calendar for your tasks.

Yes. Add your todos right on your calendar. Put down an hour for that tough assignment. A half-hour for that smaller one. And maybe even a 15 minute break to take care of those quick todos that you won’t get around to.

Putting your todos on your calendar ensures that you will “get around to it.”

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It can be that simple. Schedule them right on your calendar.

Make an appointment with your tasks and you will ensure you have time allocated to complete them.

Here are a few tips to help you schedule time for your tasks:

  • Schedule Enough Time – You may say that you don’t have room on your calendar for your tasks. That is a big warning sign, in itself. If your calendar is full of meetings, you won’t ever get to your tasks. Decline or cancel some appointments so that you can put your work first. As well, make sure you schedule “enough time” for tasks. It is a common trap to underestimate the amount of time that a specific item will require.
  • Tasks Before Meetings – You probably think of your calendar as a place for meetings. Yet, you need to get your work done to be successful. Prioritize your work ahead of endless (and often meaningless) meetings.
  • Fill Up Your Calendar – Don’t be afraid to fill up your calendar. Many people are hesitant to fill their calendar. In fact, many people think they need to leave it blank in order to have time. Rather, “block your time” with your tasks and fill your calendar with work.
  • Add a Location – Even better than just putting a todo on your calendar, is to actually add a location. Maybe you need to be in a specific location to be productive or your just need some solitude. Choose a location that will help you get your work done.

Let Your Calendar Track Your Work

Most people view their calendars as a place for meetings and appointments. Yet, if you fill your calendar with endless obligations you won’t have any time left for your important tasks.

Flip your calendar on its head by scheduling time for your work first and meetings second.

When you put your tasks on your calendar, you will have time for them in your day.

Question: What tasks do you need to schedule on your calendar? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Why You Should Pick a Time for Your Tasks

  1. Important point, Craig! Thanks.

    If you want to make sure you get something done, you need to schedule it. You need to decide for yourself, when the clock strikes 8am, I’ll write that assignment. You’re much more likely going through with it.

    Personally, I need to schedule writing for example, because otherwise I won’t do it. On the other hand, I need to schedule tasks like emails, because otherwise I’ll do it too often. If that makes sense 🙂

  2. You are so right about “getting around” the to-dos. I used to put my tasks off and procrastinated a lot. After that I create my to-dos and put it next to my table, I started to get all the tasks done. I feel so productive after that. I guess the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” rings a bell. Thanks for reminding. 🙂

  3. It is feels liberating for me when I accomplish tasks needed done. Getting things over and done with is probably one of the best feelings yet. Thanks for inspiring.

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