5 Little Things You Can Do to Be More Productive

5 Little Things You Can Do to Be More ProductiveIt’s not always the big things that impact your productivity.

In fact, when it comes to time management, it is often the little things you do.

Today, I have 5 small things you can do to get more done with less effort.

Small Time Tips with a Big Impact

Time management should not be a big effort.

Many people think that time management is a burden. Something that is difficult to execute.

Yet, your time management should never take more effort than it saves. And more often than not, it’s the little productivity actions that can have the biggest results.

“When it comes to time management, it’s the little actions that produce the most productivity. ”

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Here are 5 Little Things You Can Do to Be More Productive:

  1. Start Early – The early bird is always more productive. It is easier to get things done before others are even awake. If you think you can’t get up earlier, try even 15 minutes… to get ahead of your schedule or commute.
  2. Review Your List First – It’s hard to get anything done if you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing. Always check your list before you begin. This allows you to see your entire landscape of work, and place the right priority on tasks.
  3. Pick Three Must Do Tasks – Some days you get many things done. Yet, other days, you are lucky to get anything done. Pick three must do tasks, that you will dedicate yourself to doing, no matter what life throws in your way.
  4. Single-Task – Multi-taking is a guaranteed recipe for many things started and not much completed. Be intentional in not starting your next task until you finish the one you are working on.
  5. One More Thing – If you want to get ahead, take one extra step each day. Again, it doesn’t have to be a large todo, but one extra phone call or task each day… will get you ahead of the pack.

Small Actions, Big Productivity

Your time management doesn’t need to be an overwhelming complex system.

Small tactics and tips are often the ones that get the most done.

Question: What small things can you do today to improve your productivity today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “5 Little Things You Can Do to Be More Productive

  1. I just loved this post!!!! especially because i really needed a reminder that time management shouldnt be something complex.
    I already knew most of what you wrote. I used to review my list the night before but because i some nights i was too tired i started doing this first thing on the morning and it is a huge change!
    also after reading you recent post about the 3 most important things i started implementing it and its great because even if i dont get a lot done i still feel good about my day.
    i really struggle with the single task. because: 1. sometimes i start doing something and than i have something urgent that needs to be taken care of so i have to stop the first thing and start the second. 2. sometimes i have limited time until a meeting or something like this and i hate to waste it so i strat doing something and than i run out of time and have to do something else. I hate this. hate starting another task befor i finished the privious. its really overwelming me.
    this whole post was great but i really loved it because i never heard of tip number 5 “one more thing” it sounds great!!!! do one more thing, not the daily stuff, but one more thing to get you near your goal. i am differently going to try it
    so once gain thanks for your great posts. i wait for them every day

  2. Great post Craig! I’ve found it helpful to write down my task list for the next day usually before bed. It helps me mentally to get my game on for completing my goals and breaking them down into easy-to-digest moment-by-moment chunks! I try to get everything done and if I’m ahead of schedule, it’s another bonus for me. Work is joy to me because I make it into a game and I’m doing what I love!

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