21 Ways to Stop Rushing through Your Day

21 Ways to Stop Rushing

Does every day seem to be a mad rush from the moment you jump out of bed to when you fall back in bed at night?

You’re not alone.

Many people say they are always in a hurry throughout their day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rush a little less through your day? 

Rushing and Hurrying Everywhere

It seems the world operates at a frantic pace, and that it is only getting faster.

More communication. More technology. More to do. More to see. Always more.

Almost everyone I talk to says the same thing, “I am always in a rush. If only I could slow down during my day.”

So how do you stop rushing from this to that?

You need to make some intentional choices about your time, and have the discipline to limit the activities in the day.

After all, there is always the same amount of time in the day. You can’t infinitely add to your obligations and expect to get to all of it.

Rushing through your day is a choice. You can’t endlessly fit things into your schedule.

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Here are 21 Ways to Stop Rushing through Your Day:

1. Don’t Schedule Back-to-Back Meetings – When you schedule appointments or meetings back-to-back, you are scheduling your own stress. There is no way you can instantly teleport from one event to the next. Always leave gaps for adequate transition from one obligation to the next.

2. Allow Extra Time for that Todo – That task that you think will only take you 30 minutes, will end up needing an hour and half. Don’t underestimate the amount of time required for even simple tasks. When scheduling time for your work, always allocate a bit more than you think will be necessary.

3. Block Your Time – Before you start your day, you should schedule your entire day. This is not about creating some rigid military itinerary. Rather, it keeps your day from all flowing together. Lay out your day intentionally. Reclaim time that would have otherwise gone unused, even if it is blocked for rest or relaxation.

4. Get Up Early – One of the best ways to avoid the rush of the day is to get started before it begins. The early bird may get the worm, but they also get a head start on everyone else. Get up early and finish a few of your important activities before the rest of the world is even up.

5. Get Out of the House on Time – Leaving on time makes sure you don’t start the day behind schedule. Plan ahead, even prepare the night before, but start your workday on time. (By the way, when you leave late, you are now in competition with all of the other late people… who are also rushing.)

6. Delete Things from Your List – You can’t do it all. Lessen your work load by deleting tasks that are lower priority or don’t need to be done. Just because you put it on your list doesn’t mean you must do it.

7. Eliminate Meetings – The majority of corporate meetings are a waste of time. Cancel or decline meetings that don’t have a clear agenda, purpose, or action.

8. Say No – Saying No is one of the most important skills to keep you on task. Make sure you are putting your priorities first, before taking on additional ones.

9. Time Shift to Save Time – Shift the time you do things in order to avoid the rush. Shifting your commute, lunch, or even errands can save substantial time in your day.

10. Get Some Peace – To get away from the rush, take a break. Literally. Spend some time in meditation, reading, or just a few minutes of peace.

11. Workout – How does working out reduce your rush when you already have too much to do? It motivates you. It reduces your stress. And it improves your overall fitness and energy level.

12. Bulk your tasks – When performing similar tasks, group them together. Bulk process your email, phone calls, and more. You will be more likely to get them done and not spend multiple sessions in your day doing the same task.

13. Avoid Errands – Running around town is the definition of rushing about. Avoid the trips, travel, and stress. Many errands can be performed online, via phone, or avoided altogether.

14. Do Important Things First – Instead of spending your entire day stressing about “when” you are going to do your most important task, do it FIRST. Get it completed before the rush of the day can disrupt your plans.

15. Do It the Night Before – Even better than doing things first thing in the morning, is to do them the night before. Pack for your trip, pick your clothes, and prepare for the next day, before you go to bed.

16. Plan Your Day – Always start your day with a plan. Many people say they want to plan, but don’t have the time. Yet, planning your day actually saves time. It is an investment to prevent conflicts and missed opportunities.

17. Don’t Skip Meals – Some individuals think they will “make up” time in their day by skipping meals. Then, they have an energy crisis and lose all momentum and productivity.

18. Take Advantage of In-between Time – Don’t let the small times slip by. Even 5 minutes between events can be enough to get several small todos done.

19. Don’t Answer Your Phone – Your phone is there for your convenience, not the other person’s. Don’t let it be a nuisance and interruption to your day. Only answer your phone when it makes sense for you.

20. Stay Out of Your Inbox – A common trap is to constantly check your email. Yet, most email can wait. Stay out of your inbox and instead spend your time doing intentional work.

21. Choose Your Attitude – Your attitude determines the majority of your day. Choose a positive one. Don’t let small setbacks derail your entire day.

Life Shouldn’t be a Rush

Your day shouldn’t be a mad rush from start to end.

And it doesn’t have to be.

Choose your activities intentionally, and remember, you don’t have do it all.

2 thoughts on “21 Ways to Stop Rushing through Your Day

  1. Immensely powerful.

    Here are 3 tips to summarize :

    1. Have a standard work plan, things which needs to be done daily.
    2. Sort things by urgency and important. Do important ones first.
    3. Don’t say “Yes” when you can’t do.

    Awesome list here…Time management is the key to do more. 🙂

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