What Your Car’s Cleanliness Says About Your Personal Organization

Dirty Car

When asked about personal organization and cleanliness, most people start talking about their home, their office, or maybe their desk.

However, there is another area of organization that most people don’t like to talk about.

Today, I want to talk about your car.

Is Your Car Clean?

If you want to get an idea of someone’s overall organization, I recommend you start with their car. They use it every day, so you would think that they would keep it clean and well maintained.

“The cleanliness of your car is a good thumb-rule for your overall organization.” (Tweet Quote)

Is your vehicle clean right now?

Respect Your Car’s Cleanliness

Your car is your home away from home. Depending on your commute, you may spend several hours a day in it. So, why is it so hard to keep it clean and free of clutter?

“You wouldn’t throw trash on the floor of your home, so why does it happen in your car?”

As well, perhaps you are carrying around all kinds of clutter in your car. Can you imagine the danger (and mess) if you were in even a minor accident? Much of that stuff would be flying all over the place.

Here are some tips to help you keep your car organized and free of clutter:

  • Your Car is Not for Storage – Your car is not your closet. Or your filing cabinet. Or your garage. So, stop storing things there that should be put away at home.
  • Have a Place for Stuff  – For the things you do need in your car, have a place for them. Keep them out-of-the-way and safely secured. You don’t want them rolling around or being a safety hazard. Also, have a trash bin to prevent you from being tempted to discard trash in the backseat or on the floor.
  • Clean It on a Schedule – Cleaning your car should be as regular as all of your other chores. Add it to your list of weekly cleaning tasks to perform.
  • Empty the Trash – Trash, clutter, receipts, and loose papers seem to be the big pitfall for many in keeping their cars clean. One of the best tips I have ever come across is to empty your rubbish when you are filling your car with gas. You are standing their waiting for the gas to fill anyway, and there are always trash cans within an arm’s reach. Use those few opportune moments to empty some trash and clutter.
  • Get the Junk Out of the Trunk – Is you trunk a black hole of storage that seems to have no bottom? How many items can you find that have been in your vehicle (that shouldn’t be) for over a year? Or two? Get that stuff out of the trunk!
  • Wash the Outside – Don’t forget the outside of your vehicle. Having it washed regularly will help keep it well maintained and avoid cosmetic damage to your vehicle over time.

Keep Your Car Organized

What does you car’s cleanliness say about your personal organization?

Clean out your car today.

Not only will you have less clutter and mess, but you’ll have a more enjoyable ride.

Question: How clean is your car, right now? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

13 thoughts on “What Your Car’s Cleanliness Says About Your Personal Organization

  1. On behalf of all parents, I’d like to claim the mini-van exception, which allows for gold fish & cheerios under the carseat, children’s books everywhere, and the mandatory selection of DVDs. I just “graduated” to a Highlander, and am glad to say goodbye to the goldfish.

  2. Because I work from home when I’m not traveling, I rarely drive my car around at all, which means I often forget to make time for cleaning it! Great suggestion about emptying the trash while filling up the tank! Somehow I never thought of that, and never seem to find time to empty my car’s trash.

    1. Instead of commercials on the gas pumps… it should display a reminder like, “Shouldn’t you be emptying your trash now?” 🙂

  3. So funny I read this today… My car was horrifying and it was really bothering but it was just one of those things I keep pushing to the back burner. I am very organized but when it comes to my car, not so much. I have three daughters ages 3, 5, and 7. I am busy so you can imagine what you will find in my car. My poor brother spent like three hours just yesterday getting it to normal. Now my goal is to keep it that way so I can feel organized in all areas. 🙂

    1. I honestly don’t know how people can’t keep a car clean. I have a trash bin and when I have trash I put it directly in the bin I think it takes a total of 1 second. If I put anything in the car I put it in an orderly way because it doesn’t take more than a few seconds. I don’t eat in my car so that takes care of food falling on the floor or stinking the car up with onions and dropping food on the seats and floor. Eating should be accomplished in a relaxed manner with family or friends not in a car rushing around. If we are on the road we stop in to eat somewhere or we park somewhere nice take out a couple chairs and sit and eat outside to enjoy our meal in the free space rather than in a cramped car. In my culture food is what brings family and friends together to enjoy the meal and each other and that’s something that unfortunately you see less and less in our country yes, I am American 4 generations of Americans but our culture is Spanish and I’m glad we still continue to maintain that tradition. My spouse is from scottish ancestors but he also loves sitting for meals and being able to enjoy it. We don’t smoke nor do we allow people to smoke in our cars or homes. It’s simple to keep your car clean unless you have kids but you teach them to be clean as well. Our neighbors are Russian and their kids are meticulous about their personal hygiene and keeping things clean as well. We’ve taken them with us numerous times and they enjoy tail gating when we stop to eat.

    2. I will never understand how having children automatically means your car will be a mess. My parents had 3 children, too (I only have 1) and the car was NEVER a mess. The only time we ate in the car was when we went on long vacations but even then, we were taught to pick up after ourselves and throw things away. At rest stops, my dad was cleaning out the trash in the car. The bottom line is that if your car or your home is a mess, it’s usually because you are not picking up after yourself. If you dirty a dish, either wash it or place it in the dishwasher. If you pull out a bag of goldfish, pour some in a snack bag or bowl and and then walk a few steps and put the Goldfish bag away. Don’t leave it on the counter. This is how things start accumulating. Stop procrastinating. This is the way we were taught growing up and my wife and I now teach this to our son. 3 hours to clean a car? That’s because you don’t pick up after yourself and you’re not teaching your children to do so either. By the way, it’s not necessary for kids to be eating in the car. Why has it become common to feed kids to shut them up and get them to stop complaining. Kids start yapping in the car and the parents suggest to them to just eat some Goldfish or “have a snack” to shut them up. In their mind they’re saying “Oh, maybe they’re just hungry”. No, maybe they’re bored and impatient the way most kids get. This is a teachable moment. Don’t wast it. No wonder the U.S. has such a high obesity rate. Teach yourself better time management skills and you might not find yourself so rushed.

  4. If you don’t use water, your car will never be clean. It’s not a matter of professionalism, it is a matter of getting your car clean. Sponge sounds like a good plan, use some detergent too.

  5. Cleaning as you go is what all motorist should apply to keep up with their hygiene maintenance. If you cannot find time, find someone who can help sandtonwash.co.za

  6. My car has nothing in it! The glove compartment has the operation book that came with it. The compartments near dash, storage spaces on side doors … completely empty. The thoughts of change laying in the car makes me cringe. I’m not a neat freak but something about me can not stand for items to be in the vehicle. Trunk is the same!

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