The Top 10 Life Benefits of Time Management

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“Why should I manage my time?”

The simple answer is that time management helps you stay on top of your tasks and get more done.

Yet, there is much more.

Time management benefits you in all areas of your life.

Why Time Management?

Why care about time management?

The main reason is that time management benefits you.

You may say, “I don’t want to put in the extra effort… to manage my time… to stay organized.”

Sorry, but those are excuses.

“Time management shouldn’t take your time, but rather make extra time for you.” (Tweet this Quote)

It’s also about ensuring you spend your time where it matters most to you.

Life Benefits of Time Management

Time management means staying on top of your time, life, and activities.

It shouldn’t take extreme effort, but it does require discipline.

However, the benefits of time management far outweigh the work required.

Here are 10 Life Benefits of Time Management:

  1. Less Stress – Managing your time can directly reduce your stress level. Fewer surprises. Fewer tight deadlines. Less rushing from task-to-task and place-to-place.
  2. Get More Done – Of course, being productive is one of the main goals of time management. When you are aware of what you need to do, you are able to better manage your workload. You will be able to get more (of the right tasks) done in less time.
  3. Less Rework – Being organized results in less rework and mistakes. Forgotten items, details, and instructions lead to extra work. How often do you have to do a task more than once? Or make an extra trip because you forget something?
  4. Less Life Friction and Problems – How often do you create your own problems? Whether it is a forgotten appointment or missed deadline, not managing your time results in increased life friction. Avoid creating your own problems by planning and preparing for your day.
  5. More Free Time – We can’t create more time, but you can make better use of it by managing your time. Even simple actions like shifting your commute or getting your work done early can produce more leisure time in your life.
  6. Less Wasted Time – When you know what you need to do, you waste less time in idle activities. Instead of wondering what you should be doing next, you can already be a step ahead of your work.
  7. More Opportunities – Being on top of your time and work produces more opportunities. The early bird always has more options. As well, luck favors the prepared.
  8. Improves Your Reputation – Your time management reputation will proceed you. At work and in life you will be known as reliable. No one is going to question whether you are going to show up, do what you say you are going to do, or meet that deadline.
  9. Less Effort – A common misconception is that time management takes extra effort. To the contrary, proper time management makes your life easier. Things take less effort, whether it is packing for that trip or finishing up that project.
  10. More Time Where it Matters – Managing your time is allotting your time where it has the most impact. Time management allows you to spend your time on the things that matter most to you.

Manage Your Time, Improve Your Life

Time management is all about spending your time in the right places, and on the right things.

It’s about knowing your priorities, obligations, and schedule.

When you manage your time, you benefit in all areas of life.

Question: How do you benefit from your time management? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I think #5 and #6 are biggies for me, the better I manage my time the more time I have to enjoy my life and the less time I waste stressing about my to do list.

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