Top 10 Reasons You Should Write Your Book Today

Write Your Book Today

This post is for all of those who have told themselves that they will someday write a book.

(If a book is not on you goal list, then maybe go read this instead…)

So, what will it take for you to finally write your book?

Writing a Book… Someday

I have friend who has been saying for 10 years that he is going to write a book.

He has a wonderful idea.

He has most of it planned in his head.

Yet… he hasn’t put sentence one down.

“To write your book… you must get it out of your head. You must share it with the world. You must ship it.” (Tweet this Quote)

I hear your excuses building up already…

  • I don’t have time. (yes… you do have time.)
  • I’m not a writer. (secret… you can’t be a writer until you write.)
  • I’ll do it someday. (someday is the day after never.)
  • I don’t know what to write about. (yes… you do.)

So, what’s it doing to take? And why not start now?

10 Reasons to Write Your Book Now:

  1. You Have Been Putting It Off – How long are you going to tell yourself that you are going to do it? Months? Years? Just do it now.
  2. Discover Yourself – Writing a book is an introspective experience. Even though the goal is to share with the world… you will learn much about yourself during the process. Your thoughts, beliefs, and even your self-discipline.
  3. You May Not Get Another Chance – Now, may be the time. I don’t mean this in a morbid sense, but you may never get another chance to express yourself.
  4. Build Your Authority – There is still much cachet in having a published book. It is an accomplishment that most people will never accomplish. A published book can help build your authority in business and life.
  5. Leave Your Comfort Zone – Do something that you haven’t done before. “I’m not a writer.” How do you know until you do it? And no one was a writer before they did it… and then did it some more. Doing things outside your comfort zone is how expand your capabilities.
  6. It Could Change Your Life – Any time you go on a great adventure, it changes you. You learn. You grow. Let your book be your next big adventure.
  7. Drive Your Passion – Chances are, you know what your book is about. It is about something that you are passionate about. Something that drives you. When you explore your passion you increase your energy in all areas of your life
  8. Share Your Expertise with Others – But you’re not an expert you say? That is not true. We all have something to share. It could be a story. Advice. Even a hobby. There is something inside you that would benefit others to hear. Share it.
  9. Do Something Different – It’s something others won’t do – notice I didn’t say can’t do… but won’t do. Don’t be average. Writing a book is like marathon. It’s like climbing a mountain. It is a huge accomplishment that will be on your mind’s mantlepiece forever.
  10. Do It Today – You can’t finish if you don’t start. Your book isn’t going to write itself. It isn’t going to be easy. (Or else everyone would be doing it.) But, today is the best day to start your book.

A Call to Write

Don’t put it off anymore. Start today.

It doesn’t have to be formal. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

All that counts is that you put that first thought down. And then the next.

Write your book today.

Question: What will it take to start your book day today?

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