Today Is Always the Most Important Day

Get up! What day is it?

The answer is easy: it’s today.

In fact, it’s always today.

The question is… what will you do with yours?

What Day Is It? Today, of Course.

I want you to make today count.

Because it is the only day you can act on.

Because you don’t know how many more you have.

And because…

Today always beats tomorrow. There is no competition.”

Why Today Is Always the Most Important Day:

  • Today Always Wins – In the battle of getting it done, today always wins. Don’t put off what you can do today.
  • Live It Like It Was Your Last – You never know how many todays you have. Live each one to its fullest.
  • Today and Every Day. – Discipline is how big things are done. Consistency wins in the long run.
  • You Are What You Do Today – Many people say they have good habits. Yet, their daily actions do not reflect it. Want to know your true nature? Look at what you are doing today.
  • Just Do It Now. – Today is about action. Take the initiative. Don’t procrastinate. Just Do It Now.
  • Today Is Your Best Friend – Tomorrow may promise you many things, however it is a fair weather friend. Today is there for you when you need it.
  • Tomorrow Can’t Deliver Without Today – Dreams don’t come true without true work. Do the work today.

Make Today Count

You can start the rest of your life today.

The question is… What are you going to do today?

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