50 Things You’re Putting Off That You’ll Regret Later

Why do we put off the things that we say are the most important?

Why doesn’t our most crucial task get done? Or the thing that we have been meaning to do for months?

Eventually things catch up to us. Either there are consequences. Or we simply miss the opportunity to do them.

Whether it is playing with the kids. Starting a new career. Or simply telling someone we care about them.

Don’t put off the important things. You may not get another chance.

50 Things You’re Putting Off That You’ll Regret Later

  1. Doing the #1 task on your todo list.
  2. Making that phone call.
  3. Getting the car maintenance done.
  4. Fixing something that is out-of-order.
  5. Going to the doctor.
  6. Getting enough sleep.
  7. Pursuing your dreams.
  8. Reading a book.
  9. Spending time with someone you care about.
  10. Going for a walk.
  11. Going to see the person you need to talk to.
  12. Exercising.
  13. Telling the truth.
  14. Confronting something from your past.
  15. Doing something for your future.
  16. Saving money.
  17. Learning something new.
  18. Answering that email.
  19. Getting your degree.
  20. Working on your resume.
  21. Finding a new job.
  22. Doing something that you are passionate about.
  23. Putting yourself first.
  24. Getting a life… yours.
  25. Facing a fear.
  26. Starting your hobby.
  27. Losing weight.
  28. Taking time off from work.
  29. Helping someone who needs it.
  30. Appreciating your family.
  31. Setting goals for yourself.
  32. Testing and stretching your limits.
  33. Eating a healthy meal.
  34. Enjoying some quiet time.
  35. Traveling someplace you have never been.
  36. Doing something you have never done.
  37. Talking to someone you don’t know, but want to.
  38. Starting a new habit.
  39. Stopping a bad habit.
  40. Cleaning up your desk.
  41. Donating something to charity.
  42. Writing in your journal.
  43. Going to see a friend.
  44. Emptying the garage.
  45. Taking the dog for a walk.
  46. Playing with your kids.
  47. Taking your spouse on a date.
  48. Doing something on your bucket list.
  49. Standing up for yourself.
  50. Telling someone you love them.

Don’t Regret It, Instead Do It

There is never enough time to do it all.

Stop putting these things off today.

Do what you need to do. And what you have been meaning to do.

You might not get another chance.

Question: What’s on your list? What are you putting off?

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