10 Ways the iPhone Saves Time

Smartphones these days are really computers in our pocket.  Some would say that they are quickly replacing what we traditionally called personal computers.

When it comes to productivity, our smartphones can save us a lot of time.  They can prevent wasted time and effort.  We can now get things done from almost anywhere.

How My iPhone Saves Time

One of the biggest advantages of smartphones is that they put the Internet in our pocket.  We can look up almost any piece of information instantly, anywhere.

However, smartphones can save us time in many other ways.  From mobile apps to tools, smartphones can help us be more productive.

Here are 10 Ways that my iPhone saves time:

1.  Contacts and Calendar – Electronic address books and calendars have been around for years.  However, they have never been as easy to sync and backup as they are today.  My calendar and address book magically sync over the air so that I can access them from anywhere.  (Home, work, etc.)  I can carry literally thousands of contacts and appointments.

2.  Checking Traffic – Ever head to an appointment, only to drive right into a large traffic jam?  Google Maps is a savior when I am heading to the airport.  Here in Atlanta, there are two main routes to get to the airport.  A quick check before I leave can make all the difference.

3.  Reservations – Whether movie tickets or dinner, my phone allows me to get reservations before going.  Open Table is one of my favorite apps.  There is something empowering about having direct access to reservations without having to call a bunch of  restaurants.

4.  Reading Material – Ever get stuck somewhere and have nothing productive to do?  Like when the doctor’s office makes you unexpectedly wait three hours? With iBooks and the Kindle App, I always have tons of reading material at my finger tips.

5.  Picture Capture – Cell phones have had cameras for some time, but now they have gotten to the point where they can take really detailed shots.  I use my phone camera to capture everything from whiteboards, to where I parked, to receipts (via Shoeboxed).

6.  News – My smartphone lets me keep up with news via an RSS Reader. How does this save time?  It keeps me from aimlessly surfing the Net, and instead delivers just the articles that I want.

7.  Remote Document Access – Ever needed a document and realized that it was back on your other computer?  My iPhone is a virtual window to my files.  I can view and retrieve important files no matter where I am.  I use a combination of Evernote, Dropbox, and iDisk for business and personal needs.

8.  Communication Hub – The iPhone is much more than a phone when it comes to communication.  It serves as my communication hub.  From email to text messages to Twitter to Visual Voicemail to Skype, I can get all of my communication via one device.

9.  Banking – Checking your balance is convenient.  Transfers and paying your bills are great.  But, my bank lets me go even further.  I use USAA’s iPhone app to deposit checks right on my phone.  I simply take a picture of the check and it is deposited in my account.  No more running to the bank or mailing in deposits.

10.  Shopping – There are many ways to shop via your phone.  I prefer Amazon.com.  When I think of something I need, I can pull out my iPhone and have it ordered via Amazon within seconds.  This saves the time required to run to the store.  And even when I am in a store, I will sometimes use my iPhone to order via Amazon (often for less) and have it shipped home for free.

What About Your Phone?

Whether you use an iPhone or another brand of smartphone, hopefully it helps you be more productive in your day-to-day activities.

Of course, just like any tool, it can be used for good or evil.  Just make sure you don’t end up playing games all day…

How does your smartphone save you time?  What are your favorite time saving applications?

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