5 Simple Truths to Help You Stay Organized and Clutter Free

Cleaning Truths

Is your desk a mess right now?

How about your inbox?

Do I dare ask about the trunk of your car?

If you struggle to keep your life organized, read on, for 5 simple truths to help you stay clutter free.

Keeping Your Life Organized

Why is it so hard to keep organized?

After all, it isn’t a difficult task to clean up after yourself.

It is one of those little things that most people put off, telling themselves they’ll do it later.

Unfortunately, “later” never gets done. Clutter piles up and before you know it, you have a full-blown mess to address.

There are many areas of your life that are easy to allow to pile up:

  • Your wallet or purse
  • Your email
  • Your desk
  • Your laundry
  • Your kitchen
  • And of course, your car

However, keeping up with clutter just takes a little common sense and discipline.

Here are 5 Simple Truths to Help You Stay Organized and Clutter Free:

  1. Cleaning Up Now is Easier than Dealing with a Mess Later – Many tasks take longer if you put them off. Cleaning up is one of them. Whether it is dishes in the sink or the project you were working on, cleaning up now… always saves time later.
  2. Even the Biggest Clean Up Jobs Can Be Done a Little at a Time – Some messes get put off because their size is daunting. Yet, even the largest clean-up job can be accomplished bit-by-bit. Eat that elephant one bite at a time by doing it in small increments.
  3. If You Put It Away this Time, You’ll Know Where It is Next Time – If you put things away, you will know where they are the next time you need them. Make sure that all your stuff has a “home.” If you put an item back in its home, you always know where to get it next time. As the great comedian George Carlin said, “If I knew where I had it last, it wouldn’t be lost!”
  4. A Clean Workspace is More Productive – Disorganized people like to say that their mess is a sign of their productivity. While they may be busy, a messy desk isn’t productive. A clean workspace lets you see the task you are working on, and allows you space to get the job done.
  5. Electronic Clutter is Still Clutter – When you think of clutter, you probably think of physical messes in your life. However, in our digital lives, electronic clutter is also a big deal. Is your email inbox overflowing with thousands of emails? Is your computer desktop (or phone) cluttered with hundreds of icons? While computers provide powerful tools, you still have to put in the effort to file, organize, and backup the digital assets in your life. Otherwise, you won’t know where to find that note, be able to locate that important document, or know if your photos are backed up. Take care of your digital messes as you would your physical ones.

Don’t Put Off the Mess

Staying organized and keeping your life clutter free doesn’t have to be difficult.

It requires the simple discipline to keep up with your “stuff.”

Whatever your mess is, don’t put it off.

Clean it up now, so you won’t have to do it later.

Question: What area of your life do you need to spend more time organizing? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. For me the most difficult clutter is paper records, because you cannot discard a paper wothout reading it. Time consuming.

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