5 Quick Ways to Write Better Emails

5 Quick Ways to Write Better EmailsBad emails.

They seem to be everywhere these days. At work, at home, and on the go.

No one wants to shift through a bunch of long, poorly written and poorly formatted messages. In most cases, bad emails don’t even get read.

If you want to write better messages, read on for 5 quick tips to improve your emails while saving time.

Less Effort, Better Emails

Writing an email seems to be a simple task.

However, many people violate even the most basic rules of email etiquette.

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a 4-page email, or one that is filled with CAPITAL LETTERS and red fonts, you know what I am referring to.

‘No one wants to read a 4-page email full of CAPITAL letters and red fonts.’

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Yet, most companies ignore the email problem.

Does your company have email standards? Do they train employees on proper usage?

Most likely not. I think everyone can benefit from a few simple emails rules.

Here are 5 Quick Ways to Help You Write Better Emails:

  1. Get to the Point – The first sentence of your email should be “what” you want. In fact, you should write your emails backwards. Ask the question up front. Announce the big point first. Don’t bury important information at the end of a lengthy email.
  2. A Good Subject Line – Your email should have a descriptive subject line. Again, make it “to the point” and even include the action required if possible. Leaving email subject lines blank wastes the recipient’s time. As well, emails without subject lines quickly get lost in inboxes full of mail.
  3. Keep it (Very) Short – Emails should be short. Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Short messages overall. While email is a longer format than many communication methods these days, it still needs to be quickly digestible by the reader. Remember, TLDR = “Too Long Didn’t Read.” Don’t let you messages fall into this category.
  4. Always Review Before Sending – Never send an email before you proof it. Catch typos before they become a misunderstanding or sign of unprofessionalism. A good thumb-rule, proof the email a number of times equal to the number of people copied on the email.
  5. Be Polite – What does being nice have to do with email? Everything. Email etiquette makes all the difference in communications. Negative comments, CAPITAL letters, and weird fonts, have no place in a professional communication. As well, never write anything in an email that you wouldn’t want to be read publicly. (It just might someday…)

Keep Your Emails Simple

Applying a few of these tips to your emails can make a dramatic difference.

Not only will you save time by not writing long-winded emails, but you will get better responses and action out of your messages.

What are your best email writing tips? Please share below in the comments.

Question: What is your best email writing tip? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “5 Quick Ways to Write Better Emails

  1. Know your target audience when you write. Use simple words in short sentences. Do you know what CNN means? Yes? But don’t assume that I know your abbreviations. Write them out, like this “Cable News Network” (CNN) – and put the abbreviation in brackets afterwards. Then you don’t have to write it out every time.

  2. Simple is the most difficult thing that everyone lacks of. Another one is subject, some do not have it and it get frustrated receiver. Well, writing an perfect email is not that hard but most of people do not get how. 2 player games

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