5 Tips to Rule Your Tech, Instead of the Other Way Around

Phone Rules

Do you jump every time your phone rings?

Do you drop what you are doing whenever a new email “dings” in your inbox?

Does your technology beep, chirp, vibrate, and interrupt you at all times of the day and night?

It’s time to take back control of your technology.

After all, who’s in charge… you or your smartphone?

Beep Beep, Buzz Buzz

Our technology has become a part of us and our lives. Yet, somewhere along the line, we forgot why it was there and who was in charge.

In fact, many times we put our devices ahead of ourselves and allow it to dominate our lives from an attention and interruption standpoint.

At home, we jump whenever our smartphone demands it. At work, our devices interrupt us and keep us from doing our most important work.

Strangely, it seems to have become the new normal. 

Those in corporate environments are familiar with the conference table phone dance… when random phones buzz and dance their way across the table. This is considered perfectly normal. (At least it didn’t beep, right?)

Or you are meeting with someone and their phone seems to beep or buzz 10–20 times per minute. I was in a one-on-one conversation recently where the other person’s phone chimed with every single email they received. By about the 50th “ding” I said, “You know you can turn that off right?”

“Your technology is there for your convenience. Remember who’s the boss.” (Tweet Quote)

In a world where we don’t go anywhere without our phones… do you rule your mobile devices or do they rule you?

Here are 5 Tips to Rule Your Technology, Instead of the Other Way Around:

  1. Remember It’s For YOUR Convenience – You don’t carry a smartphone so that people can interrupt your every move. No, you carry it for the tools it provides for you.
  2. Be With Those You Are With – Don’t be that person that gives more attention to their smartphone screen than the people they are with. When you are with someone make them priority number one. Your technology should always be second to the person in front of you, whether at home or work.
  3. Take a Picture But Be Frugal – Photos are to remember a moment. Make sure you take a few, but you are not a photo journalist on the scene of their biggest career story. You don’t need to take 100 photos, a video of the entire concert, or a snapshot of every course you eat. Take a pic or two, but make sure you enjoy the experience you have having.
  4. Turn It Off (Really!) – Many people seem to forget that they can silence or even turn off their devices. (I am amazed how many people don’t know that the switch on the side of an iPhone puts it in silent mode. I teach that one daily.) So, turn off the noise, the interruptions, and whatever other sounds your technology wants to make. You don’t need email notifications or pop-ups from every app on your smartphone.
  5. Rule Your Technology – Put yourself first. Be the boss of your technology. Resist the urge to jump every time your smartphone tries to demand attention. Put it back in your pocket or purse. It will still be there when you need it.

Rule Your Gadgets

Reconsider your relationship with your technology.

Remember who is in charge.

Your technology and devices are there for your purposes. They should make your life easier, not be a constant interruption.

Question: Who’s in charge, you or your technology? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Rule Your Tech, Instead of the Other Way Around

  1. Ha ha interesting question.

    I used to be the person you described. I allowed all notification from the Apps, including email etc.

    Now I turn off all notification, remove all Apps I don’t need. I have only about 10 Apps installed on my iPhone.

    For Gmail, I setup only a secret email which I forward only important email such as alert if my website down or from some important person. Then I allow notification. But I rarely receive email on my phone.

    That’s my step ahead of controlling my phone.

  2. It seems the height of disrespect to be texting with someone else, updating Facebook, loading pictures, etc. while face to face with someone else. I know several people who do this…and it drives me nuts.

  3. You are saying true that technology put very good affect on the life. I like your post and want to read the article but you don’t have it. Work on your blog and make it more powerful for the others.For more visit Business

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