Welcome to the Time Management Ninja Podcast, Episode #20.

Today’s episode is about the Apple Watch and specifically, why I chose to ditch mine.

The Apple Watch is an amazing technology. Yet, does it truly make us more productive or is an interruption in our busy days?

Listen to the 7 Reasons I Ditched My Apple Watch:

  1. Interruptions, interruptions, interruptions
  2. Don’t need a ringing watch!
  3. The UI is a Mess
  4. Lack of App Value
  5. Physically Clunky
  6. Lack of Simplicity
  7. Look and Appearance

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22 thoughts on “Time Management Ninja Podcast #20: 7 Reasons I Ditched My Apple Watch

  1. I’m contemplating the same thing. I really haven’t used my Apple Watch the way it’s advertised. Recently I’ve taken up running again though and looking at keeping it only for the fitness. Did you switch to a different smart watch or just go to a “watch”?

    1. Andrew, good question.

      For me, I have switched back to a traditional watch. I have always been a bit of watch collector and have gotten back into lately.

      That being said, I do see myself getting back into technology wearables when I feel that they have calue to add. Whether that been even more health tracking/benefits, or something we can’t even quite imagine yet… like what a true visual (Apple Glasses or AR) could possibly deliver.

  2. Great podcast. I currently use a Fitbit but truly for health (steps). The added benefit is the clock.

    1. Thanks, Angie… appreciate the kind words.

      One thing I like about the Fitbit is that it is simple. It doesn’t try to do too much and the display is simple as well.

  3. I love my Apple Watch 3. Never thought I would say it, but closing those annoying rings every day has helped me get fitter than I’ve been in years.

    I also don’t have to rummage for my iPhone every time there’s a call or text. Just a quick glimpse at my Apple Watch and ignore if I wish…

    1. I’m of the same thinking. I’ve turned off most of the pings. Had email pinging the watch and that was just too much. Planning to change the settings today actually so that just my bosses email actually ping me (vip settings) and the rest can wait until I want to go in and do email. Recently our work has added fitness to benefits package and this year was a treadmill. Apple Watch is doing great with the rings but my most excited thing would be the “always on” that cake with Apple Watch 5. Would be great to truly use it as a watch. Just recently damaged this one too. Debating whether I’d get a case on it.

  4. I really all reason like it. I look for time management at random and yours shows up and I like the logo so I just choose it, and I ended loving it! Thank u so much it’s very helpful !!!

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