The Task You’ve Been Putting Off Forever

Never Get Done Ever

You have a task that is not getting done.

In fact, it’s been on your todo list for a long time.

Days, months, …even years.

What is your forever task that’s not getting done?

The Task That Never Ever Gets Done

There is a task that has been on your list forever.

You probably don’t even recall when it was first added.

You have been avoiding it, ignoring it, and forever putting it off.

But, there it sits. Continually haunting your todo list.

At some point, it will catch up with you. Or in the case of some goals, you might run out of time to ever do it.

Yet, there it sits.

In plain sight on your todo list. Or maybe hiding out on your Someday-Maybe list.

Are you ever going to do it?

Here are a few reasons why you aren’t getting your forever task done:

  • Putting It Off – Someday doesn’t get those tasks done. Set a hard deadline to get those “put off” tasks done.
  • Don’t Want to Do It – You may be avoiding the task because you find it unpleasant or even boring. That’s not a valid excuse. You will have to do many things in life that you don’t want to do.
  • Forgot About It – If you are forever forgetting a task, then you need to make it visible. Get it on your list. Put it where you can’t miss it. As well, don’t let it hide out on your “Someday” list.
  • Ignoring the Consequences – Undone tasks create more work for you. As well, there are always consequences. The costs can be time, money, or missed opportunities.

Get That Forever Task Done

You don’t have to take on all of your “forever” tasks at once.

However, pick one and make plans (or an appointment) to get it done.

Someday isn’t a due date.

Do those forever tasks today.

Question: What “forever task” has been sitting on your list longer than you can remember? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “The Task You’ve Been Putting Off Forever

  1. Thanks for this. I just sucked it up and finished the last page of a report on a retreat I helped run two months ago! It’s been on my to-do list since the day I got back, but never seemed appealing. You’re encouragement helped me get through it!

  2. going through multiple piles of paper, figuring out what I absolutely HAVE to read and throwing out the rest

  3. Really procrastination is a big problem, but I feel no one is free from it; we delay one thing or the other. I find it is all due to unpleasant task or time mismanagement.

    We cannot help us for unpleasant task, but we can better manage time with prioritizing our to do list.

    Thanks for reminding

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