Don’t Let Small Problems Become Big Ones

That one thing you didn’t put away.

That one task you left half-done.

That one bill you didn’t pay.

All of those are small problems at first.

However, they can quickly become big ones if left unchecked.

Big Problems Start Small

Very few big problems start as big problems.

In fact, most problems start small.

But, when you neglect them or let them sit, they become big ones.

Most big problems started as small, easily addressed items.

By not addressing them, you allowed them to grow into big issues.

In many cases, you are creating self-inflicted time management problems when you let these little things grow into bigger issues.

Here are several Small Problems That Can Quickly Become Big Ones:

  • Cleaning Up – That one thing that you sat on your desk. Add that to the afternoon you left without cleaning up. And the papers you didn’t put away. Soon, you are swimming in piles of stuff that needs to be cleaned up.
  • Paying Bills – You let that one bill sit. You forgot about it and now it is overdue. Maybe you now have to pay a late fee, too. Ultimately, it can affect your credit rating and cause even bigger problems down the road.
  • Organization – You didn’t file that important paper. Now you are trying to complete something urgent and you cannot find it. Now your problem is compounded. You madly tear through your stuff looking for that one missing item.
  • Email – You let your email pile up. Or perhaps you are using your inbox as your todo list. Now, you suddenly find yourself with hundreds (or thousands) of emails in your inbox. Important items get missed or overlooked. Soon, your email is a mess of unanswered and un-replied to messages.
  • Relationships – Small relationship problems become big ones when not addressed. Grudges grow, misunderstandings become mis-truths. And soon, what could have been addressed with a friendly conversation has turned into an adversarial situation.
  • Deadlines – Small projects are easy until you run them up against a deadline. Suddenly a small task has become a crisis at the eleventh hour. You may find yourself without the materials or information that you need to complete it.

Don’t Let Small Problems Get Big

What small problems are you facing?

Get to them before they grow into larger ones.

You can save yourself much time and stress by addressing them early.

Most problems start small… let’s keep them that way.

Question: What small problems do you need to address before they become big ones?

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