How Spotify Saves Time & Boosts Your Productivity

Do you use music to motivate yourself?

I use music to drive me when I workout, when I write, and even when I play.

Previously, I spent quite a bit of time managing my music collection, making playlists, and syncing songs between devices.

However, now I use Spotify and barely spend any time managing my music.

Save Time, Don’t Buy Music

Many of you know that I am a dedicated Apple fan.

However, I have a confession to make… I haven’t used iTunes in almost a year.

Spotify’s subscription service has all but replaced my iTunes music usage.

Between iCloud replacing my iPhone backup and Spotify replacing my music, there really isn’t much need for iTunes. (We really are headed for a post-PC world.)

I don’t buy books anymore and with Spotify I don’t buy music anymore either.

Spotify Makes My Music Effortless

In case you are not familiar with Spotify, it is a streaming online music service. (There are competitors like Pandora and Slacker…)

You don’t purchase music, but rather pay a subscription to have access to their entire music library.

This turns the music buying paradigm upside down, and some people are uneasy with “renting” music instead of purchasing.

But, how many albums have you purchased that you never listened to again?

With Spotify I can listen to any music I want, at any time, without additional fee.

It really is a game changer.

The real power however, comes from the fact that I don’t have to manage my music library. It is always there. In the cloud and reachable from all my devices. Spotify makes it effortless to access my music anywhere.

Here are 8 Ways that Spotify Simplifies My Music and Boosts My Productivity:

  1. Drives My Mood – Spotify is there anytime I need to boost my energy or productivity. I turn on Spotify and listen to my power music whenever I need to pick up my mood.
  2. No Syncing – Because it is cloud based, there is no syncing with Spotify. It just works. Previously, I had to sync my iPhone with my computer to get my playlists, songs, etc.
  3. Everywhere – Spotify is on all my devices from my laptop to desktop to iPad to iPhone. It is even integrated with my Sonos system.
  4. No Purchasing Music – Sorry, but I don’t buy music anymore.  No more bad song or album purchases.
  5. Gives Me More Variety – With Spotify’s subscription, I can listen to the latest music or my favorites. I listen to music that I would have never purchased separately.
  6. Saves My Playlists – With Spotify, my playlists are saved in the cloud. If I make a new workout playlist while at home, it is instantly on my iPhone when I get to the gym.
  7. Share With Others – The other day, a friend recalled when we used to make “mix tapes.” With Spotify, I can instantly share playlists with friends and family online.
  8. Offline Mode – Cloud services are great, when you have access to the Internet. But, what about when you don’t? Spotify has an offline mode that lets you download your music to your device. I download my favorite music for those times that I am traveling or might not have online access.

Spotify Your Music

I save time with Spotify.

It makes it effortless to have my music on any of my devices without bothering with syncing.

It has changed the way I enjoy music, and I no longer purchase albums.

Spotify drives my music, what drives yours?

Question: What do you use to manage your music collection? Do you use music to motivate you?

8 thoughts on “How Spotify Saves Time & Boosts Your Productivity

  1. I manage a lot of my music through Spotify. A lot for the same reasons you mentioned. It is so easy to sync my music, since syncing anything my music with an Android phone and tablet have always been a huge hassle. I tend to listen to all the new music and save it for offline use and delete it when I get sick of it. Which tends to be cheaper than purchasing each song. If I do really like a album I will purchase it on Google Music. Google Music has all of my own music.

    And Yes I use music to motivate me. I tend to help it motivate me every morning when I get ready for work.

  2. I am using iTunes Match for my workouts and did not have any problems yet as I can download my playlists as well.
    For my morning workout (I started to get up earlier to do so as it was advised in another blog entry here) I am still searching for good songs. Any recommendations?

    1. Hmm. My music tastes are quite eclectic… ranging from 80s music to current hits.
      Anything with an uptempo beat can get me pumped.

      Maybe we should do a post on motivational music… 🙂

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