Turn Up The Music To Get Things Done


When you are unmotivated and unproductive, how do you get going?

How do you turn the energy level back up?

One technique I use quite often is to put on my favorite music.

I soon find myself back on track and flying through my work.

Do you use music to motivate yourself?

Whistle While You Work

You know how it is…

You are in the doldrums. You can’t get going despite your best efforts.

Nothing is getting done.

And then you hit, “Play.”

On your music, that is.

Suddenly, energy returns. Feet are tapping. Ideas are flowing faster than you can capture them. And you are breezing through tasks by the dozens.

You are literally whistling while you work and suddenly everything seems effortless.

Does music lift your mood and increase your ability to get things done?

Your Power Song

If you have used Nike’s running app on the iPhone, you are probably aware of the cool feature called the”Power Song.”

It allows you to designate one of your favorite songs to be called upon when you need extra motivation.

While you are running, when you hit the wall, or just need the extra push, you can hit the “Power Song” button to instantly switch over to your most inspiring track.

What is your Power Song?

Everybody’s Power Song is different.

Some individuals are driven by classical.

Others to rock. Or to current pop music.

It really doesn’t matter, as long as it moves you.

Turn It Up For Productivity

Music can be a tremendous, almost magical, motivator.

Use it when you need a boost in your productivity.

If only life had a Power Song button.

Then again, maybe it does… if your iPod is nearby.

Do you use music to motivate yourself? What is your favorite Power Song?

26 thoughts on “Turn Up The Music To Get Things Done

  1. Music actually does make me more productive. I think it helps me focus on the task at hand in a weird sort of way. Some think music is distracting but there are times when it actually brings focus when I need it most.

  2. Sometimes music if supportive and sometimes it is distracting. If you find music distracts you, try taking a music break. Put on some music and move.

  3. With ADHD it’s sometimes necessary to stimulate my brain with video or music in order to have the oomph to start a boring task. ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ a Beethoven Symphony or something ‘Pink’ works for me.

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