Start Your Week Ahead of the Pack

How do you normally start your week? Do you get off to a strong start?

Or does it take you half of Monday to get back on track?

Getting out of the gate at the start of your week can set the pace for your productivity all week long.

Ahead of the Pack

Getting a lead over your work can make all the difference when it comes to planning and organization. By preparing for your week, you will have a head start in everything you need to do.

Here are some areas to consider for “Starting Your Week Ahead of the Pack:”

Ahead of Appointments – Review your calendar for the entire week on Monday morning. Look for conflicts. The time to sort them out is now, not when you are suddenly supposed to be in two places at once. Block time for your projects and make appointments with your most important work.

Ahead of Your Inbox – The beginning of the week is a great time to tame your inbox. Get it to zero. Clean up any remaining items from the previous week. Get prepared for this week and send off any emails that you need to get in motion.

Ahead of Your Tasks – Know what you need to get done this week. Review your master list and construct today’s list. Also, it can be very empowering to knock out a few important todos first thing in the morning. Nothing drives motivation and positive attitude like completed tasks.

Ahead of Deadlines – What deadlines do you have looming? Is there anything that needs to be prioritized so that you can make your project deadlines? Finishing things ahead of deadlines not only reduces stress, but leads to better deliverables because you will have time to review.

Ahead of Your Boss – From one of my first experiences with a “bad boss,” I learned that one of the best ways to excel in your career is to stay one step ahead of them. Hopefully you have a great boss, but you can still excel by staying one step ahead. What do you need to do to ensure that your boss has what they need this week? (BTW, this applies whether your “boss” is a direct supervisor, a client, or your customers.)

Ahead of Your Peers – While your peers are busy re-telling their stories from the weekend for the 37th time, you can get your week going. Don’t hang out with the lollygaggers on Monday morning. By the time they settle in and hit full panic mode, you will be riding smooth.

A Good Start Leads to a Good Week

Getting ahead as the week begins is a powerful strategy for your entire week. While others are slow on the uptake, use the opportunity to get ahead of the pack.

Strong preparation and a head start will drive your motivation and productivity in everything you do.

How do you start your week? Do you get a head start or are you playing catch up?

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7 thoughts on “Start Your Week Ahead of the Pack

  1. I would have that Friday in order to make a balance of the past and stay ahead of the coming week also make a better plannig. What do you think? What do you prefer doing on Friday?

  2. I like your thought here. Yes, I agree that planning out your next week on Friday would be good.

    I guess it depends on your work week. I try to make Friday my creative day to get important project design work done.

  3. I’ve just started a new twitter # (#Desktidy) on a Friday for this – but agree that to do this on a Monday morning (if not done on a Friday) can really kick the week of well – before you know it it’s Wednesday so each day needs to be made the most of to keep everything on track & most importantly YOU feeling good :o)

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