Things you don't have time to do?

The other day, a co-worker got on a rant about how, “He didn’t have time to do a lot of things…”

I considered flippantly responding, “You have the same amount of time in the day as everyone else…”

But, I resisted.  As he went down the laundry list of things he “didn’t have time to do,” it hit me that many of these “things” were extremely important.

In fact, he really needed to be doing these things.  Yet, he was not prioritizing his obligations to get to them.

Things you don’t have time not to do…!

When people get caught up the daily grind, they tend to not get to the important stuff.

However, when you don’t do the things that are important…it will cost you later.

These costs can be:

  • Time – It will take you more time to do the task later.
  • Money – Ever paid a late fee?
  • Stress – See creating more Life Friction.
  • All of the above

Here are a few of the most common “Things you don’t have time not to do…”

Exercise – One of my personal pet peeves is when people say, “I don’t have time to go to the gym and workout.”  The bottom line is… “you don’t have time not to work out.”  Exercise is one of those magical activities that actual creates productivity.  It gives you energy and it keeps you in shape.  Both of these lead to increased productivity.

Planning & Preparation – It amazes me how many people charge into their day without a thought about what they are going to accomplish.  People say, “I don’t have time to plan.”  Yet, planning gives you more time in your day.  It makes sure you get your priorities done first.  And it ensures you don’t create more life friction by overlooking tasks and obligations.

Tasks with Deadlines – People often don’t do things even when there is a deadline.  Paying bills, finishing projects, registering for events, are all things that don’t get done on time.  This leads to more work and more time and money invested.  Have you ever paid a late fee?  Or had to do more work because you did not do something on time?  There are entire companies based around the fact that people do not make deadlines.  (FedEx, perhaps!)

Preventative Maintenance – It puzzles me when people do not take preventative measures for issues that they know will cause them more problems in the future.  “I don’t have time” to get my car to the shop.  Will, you have time, and $, when it breaks down?  “I don’t have time” to go to the doctor.  Will you have time when your condition gets worse?

Let’s make sure we “have time” to do the things that are important.

What are the things you “don’t have time not to do…?”

What Did You Forget to Pack?

On your last trip, what did you forget to pack?
You would be amazed what people will forget:

  • Socks
  • Cell phone charger
  • Workout shoes
  • Maybe even their brain! (Some people have admitted to this…)

Traveling can be stressful enough, but when you are disorganized and worrying about packing it only adds to your Life Friction.

The Power of a Travel Packlist
Whether it is for business or personal, it always seems to be a complicated evolution to gather the items for you trip. The best way to make the process easier and less stressful, is to make it repeatable.

A travel packlist is just that, a simple list of all the things you need to bring. By having a list, you can use it each and every time that you need to pack whether for a business trip or vacation.

(If you think you do not need or are above having a packlist, please go back to the first paragraph to see what you forgot…)

How to Make Your Packlist & Where to Keep it

It is easy to write your list by starting with some simple categories. You will also find that this grouping helps when packing. Here are the sections of my packlist:

  • Clothes – All clothing items both business and casual
  • Toiletries – all toiletries down to and including Tylenol
  • Gym – All the stuff needed to workout whether shoes or gym clothes
  • Other – miscellaneous stuff ranging from business cards to my travel wallet
  • Gear – In this age of technology, this section ranges from noise-cancelling headphones to my cell phone charger

Again, these are my categories. Choose your own and personalize your list.

The best way to maintain this list is in a spreadsheet. That way you know exactly where it is (filed on your computer) and can simply print a fresh copy each time you need to pack.

Evolves Over Time
You will find that your packlist evolves and becomes even more powerful over time. When you travel, you will discover things that are not on the list. Either you had not considered them or your needs have changed. Make sure you are updating your list to add things you want to remember next time.

You will even find that you will delete things off the list as they become obsolete. For example, I no longer pack an iPod, because all my music is on my phone.

Better Travel

WIth your travel packlist, you will find that you pack in less time, with less stress, and with fewer forgotten items.

It may even prevent you from buying another cell phone charger on that next business trip.  🙂

Best wishes on your future travels!