10 Time Management Tips for Beginners

Simple Steps to Get Started with Time Management

Getting started with time management can seem like a daunting task.

There are hundreds of books, and even thousands of apps available to help you with your productivity. Yet, improving your time management doesn’t have to be complicated nor difficult.

Today, I have 10 top tips for beginners at time management. (Or for those that want to improve!)

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5 Tips to Ensure You are Prioritizing your Priorities

Make Sure You Get Your Top To-dos Done First

Your work hard to get your work done.

However, sometimes you toil hard only to find that your most important tasks still don’t get done.

You are getting many things done, just not the important ones.

What will it take to get those top to-dos to done?

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Why You Need to Back Up Your Phone Everyday

Make Sure You Protect the Valuable Information on your Phone

We carry everything in our phones these days. And we take those little devices everywhere.

You could say our entire lives are contained in these little gadgets. Your communication, your photos, your contacts, your todos, and more.

What would happen if you lost, broke, or had your phone stolen?

Would it be a big deal and what would you lose? And more importantly, what would you be able to get back again?

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How Productive Are You?

Measuring Productivity in a "Busy" World

How productive are you?

Productivity isn’t busyness.  Time Management isn’t about doing more.

So how do you measure your productivity?

Measuring Productivity

I write about time management and productivity all the time, giving you the tips and tools to increase your productivity.  So how are you doing?  Do you know how productive you are?

Today I’m sharing a tool that will allow you to actually measure your productivity. This online quiz asks you a series of questions about productivity, and you answer according to your own habits and systems. At the end, you’ll get a productivity score — AND find out exactly what you need to do to improve.

Improving your productivity allows you to spend less time at the office, because you’re getting more done while you’re there.  It’s allows you to take back your life.  And now there’s finally a quiz that will show you the areas where you need to improve, and provide the help to get there.

Take the Quiz

New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt has developed this — and it’s free!

It provides you with the opportunity to answer a series of ten questions around key areas of productivity. The tool then calculates your answers and gives you an overall productivity score.

The whole process takes less than ten minutes. It will give you the clarity you need to walk the path toward greater effectiveness and success.

Once you discover your Productivity Score, you can quickly see opportunities for growth, as well as what you’re already doing well.

So go take the assessment now.  Then come back and let me know how you did.

Question: How did you score on the productivity quiz? Do you agree with the assessment? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Disclosure: Michael and I have known each other for many years, having met when we were both speaking at a conference. I am an affiliate for his Free to Focus course.

Time Management Isn’t About Doing More

Cramming Tasks Doesn’t Make You More Productive

Someone recently said to me, “I don’t need time management. I can’t even get done what I have now, why would I want to do more in my day?”

A common misconception about time management is that it is all about doing more. Cramming too many tasks into your day. And that to be productive you need to madly rush about doing as much as possible.

Yet, time management should do just the opposite. It should let you accomplish more while doing less, while at the same time giving you more time back.

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10 Ways Patience Makes You More Productive

How Being Patient Can Actually Save You Time

We seem to have lost our patience in our society.

Everyone is rushing around acting like they are so busy that they don’t have a moment to wait.

Lack of patience is commonplace. People won’t wait more than a few seconds. And they feel entitled to lose it whenever they don’t receive instantaneous results.

The irony is that it is this lack of patience that is making them ineffective in their work and lives. Most individuals would be more productive if they just slowed down a bit.

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Before Going Into a Meeting, Decide What You Want to Get Out

Don't Let Meetings without a Purpose Waste Your Time

Have you ever come out of a meeting and asked yourself, “What did we just do in there?”

Perhaps, you can’t recall what the meeting was supposed to be about in the first place. Or the meeting devolved into a discussion about the boss’s latest vacation. Or maybe the meeting ended up lasting 45 minutes longer than scheduled and now your schedule is totally off for the rest of the day.

If you don’t want to come out of meetings scratching your head as to what just happened, then make sure you are clear before you begin.

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The 4 Key Tools to a Successful Time Management System

One Todo List. One Calendar. One Notebook. And One Address Book.

This article is part 1 of “TMN’s Getting Started with Time Management” Series.

A common productivity question I get asked is, “How do I get started with time management?”

It seems that almost everyone wants to better manage their time. Whether it is to get ahead in their work or to have more time for their personal life, the goal is the same. They want to accomplish more, with less effort, and more organization.

Where to begin?

One of best places to begin to ensure that you have the right tools for the job.

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Why You Should Fix Things Before They Break

How to Prevent Problems Before They Happen

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

We have all heard this advice. And on the surface, it appears to be a good piece of guidance. Yet, taking this cliché as a rule can be counter-productive, even dangerous.

Today, I want to tell you why you should fix things in your life before they break.

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