TMN Podcast #6 – 10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to the Time Management Ninja Podcast, Episode #6.

It’s a New Year and the time that most people are talking about resolutions for the coming year.

Yet, over 90% of New Year’s Resolutions don’t make it past January.

What will you do this year to ensure you succeed in your new endeavors?

Today’s episode has 10 Questions to ask yourself about your New Year’s resolutions.

Hopefully, they will help you clarify, plan, and win in the coming year!

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Here is the list of tips in today’s podcast:

10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Did you write them down?
  2. Were you specific?
  3. Are they YOUR resolutions?
  4. Did you make too many resolutions?
  5. Which is your #1 goal?
  6. Who did you tell?
  7. HOW are you going to get them done?
  8. What are you going to do DIFFERENTLY?
  9. What is the cost of your goals?
  10. What did you do TODAY?


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