Is your workspace a mess?

How about your house? Car? Bedroom?

I think you get the point.

Many people let their clutter pile up until it starts to affect their life.

I am not referring to hoarding. Instead, just the stuff starts to impact your ability to get things done…. the items that are cluttering up your workspace and your home.

Today, I want to discuss “10 Ways that Your Clutter is Making You Less Productive.”

Clutter… It’s a Big Mess

If you are like many people, your clutter is all over the place.

It covers your desk. Piles up in your bedroom. It fills the back seat of your car. (And maybe the trunk, too.)

I have written previously about where all this stuff comes from. (Link) Today, I want to talk about how it impacts your productivity.

Clutter keeps you from doing the things you need to get done.

If you have clutter, you know it gets in the way.

Some are in denial about the productivity impact of their clutter. They may even say that their piles of clutter are not a problem. (Link)

Yet, your clutter is preventing you from being productive. It is slowing you down and causing you other problems.

It prevents you from finding the items finding items. It covers your workspace so that you cannot spread out your work.

Here are “10 Way Clutter is Making You Less Productive:

  1. Wastes Time Searching for Items – Are you constantly searching for items you misplaced? Clutter is a double-threat. Not only are things not put away where they should be, but it hides items that are out. How much time do you spend each day looking for items?
  2. Replacing Lost items – Beyond the looking, are simply lost items. It could be something that you end up rebuying. (And maybe then you find the original item later…) Either way, you have wasted time and money.
  3. Incurs Penalties – Your clutter can cause you to miss deadlines. What about that bill that you forgot about and then uncovered after the due date? Or the missed opportunity because of a deadline that is long passed?
  4. Causes Injury – Yes, your clutter can literally injure you. If you have ever tripped over something that “shouldn’t have been there,” then you know exactly what I mean. Clutter can be a safety hazard whether at home or work. (And that car full of stuff? That’s going to be a dangerous mess if you ever have an auto accident.)
  5. Broken Items – Back to piles yet again… have you ever found something under a pile that was damaged or destroyed? Maybe you stepped on it because you didn’t know it was there. Or it was crushed by heavier items that were placed on top of it.
  6. Forgotten Tasks – Your work needs to be visible. When clutter covers it up, you forget priorities and some tasks altogether. Important notes, tasks, and more are lost under the ever-present mess of your stuff.
  7. No Place to Do Your Work – Ask yourself if your clutter keeps you from being able to do your work? Especially for technical or creative tasks, you need the space to spread out. A clean workspace gives you the area you need to get your work done more efficiently.
  8. Lost Work Which Leads to Rework – Ever have to “re-do” a project or task because you could not find it. This could be a physical task or even a lost electronic file. Yes, there is electronic clutter, too! Check your computer’s desktop…
  9. Endless Distractions – Clutter creates distractions, such as when you are working, and then your attention gets diverted by something in your workspace. Maybe it is an item to fidget with or another task that you could do instead of the task at hand.
  10. Creates Bigger Messes to Clean Up If you clean up your clutter regularly, it only takes a few moments. Such as spending 5 minutes a day cleaning your desk. However, when you leave it unchecked.. it can then take an entire day (and a dumpster) to complete.

Lose the Clutter, Gain Productivity

You may think that you know exactly what is in those piles on your desk. (Link) Or that the mess in the hallway isn’t a hazard.

Yet, your clutter is holding you up. And it is getting in your way.

Whether less time searching or just more space to work, clean up the mess and see more productivity in your day.

Q: Does your clutter impact your ability to get stuff done? What are some areas of your work and life that need to clean up?

6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Clutter Makes You Less Productive

  1. When something absolutely must get done… make sure you zoom in and eliminate everything else from your view. Then you can focus and stay on task.

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