How Increasing Your Work Speed Can Help You Beat Procrastination

You’re stuck.

You can’t get past your procrastination.
You have hit a wall.
Or a creativity block.

Either way you can’t seem to get your work done.
Your projects are stalled.
And you feel like you are sinking deeper into your todo list.

What can you do to get your motivation back?
Instead of spending too much time on your work, you need to spend less.

Maybe you need to do your tasks faster.

Using Speed to Drive Your Productivity

When you can’t get those tasks done, it’s time to go faster.

What do I mean by this? I mean spending less time on those tasks. Doing them faster. Doing quick work of first drafts. And just getting those tasks started.

I am not saying to make waste with haste. Nor am I saying you should start a bunch of tasks without completing previous ones.

Yet, doing things with speed can actually get more done when you would have been stuck.

Increasing your work speed can help you break through your procrastination.

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When you are stuck, increasing the speed of your tasks can break your procrastination.

Speed breeds creativity.
Speed breeds action.
Speed breaks through procrastination.
Speed motivates.
Speed necessitates new ways to get things done.

Here are just a few ways increasing your work speed can drive your productivity:

  • Do It Right Now – Be quick to respond to small tasks. Instead of placing a task on the back burner, do it now. Not only will you get many smaller tasks “out of the way,” but you will find that you start fitting tasks into quick breaks of your day.
  • Rush That First Draft – Writing and creative work can be daunting. Yet, even the toughest writer’s block can be overcome by “speed writing.” Whether it is a document or presentation, rush through your first draft simply putting down ideas and major bullets. You will find that you quickly flesh out the thesis of your paper which will motivate you to come back and fill in the details in your second pass.
  • Allow Less Time – Tasks expand to fill the time allotted to them. Give your work less time than you think it should take. You will often find that the extra time was spent on procrastination and extra non-essential actions. You will surprise yourself just how quickly some tasks can be completed correctly.
  • Set an Early DeadlineDeadlines are good.  However, most projects float until their deadline approaches. Setting an early deadline motivates you to get ahead of schedule. And if you need to do re-work, you will have time before the final deadline.

Faster Work, More Done

Haste doesn’t have to make waste.

The next time you are stuck, try using speed to overcome your procrastination. Increasing your work speed will in turn increase your motivation and energy level.

You’ll discover that your workload actually takes less time than you thought it did.

Your next issue will be trying to decide what to do with the time that you have reclaimed in your day.

Question: Does increasing your work speed help you overcome your procrastination? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


6 thoughts on “How Increasing Your Work Speed Can Help You Beat Procrastination

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    1. The only problem is energy level decrease as the day passes. If energy lever is boost up then only a person can work as much as he want and much faster.

  2. Yes it is possible to perform better if we go by planned way and removing the things that obstructs our production. But it is next to impossible to complete the same amount of work in 6 hours where maximum people in the office are taking 9-10 hours.

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