5 Ways Taking Notes Makes You More Productive

When you are in meetings do you take notes?

If not, you probably aren’t giving the conversation your full attention. You may be listening, but you aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunity to capture important information for future use.

Taking notes during meetings and other conversations should be an integral part of your productivity habits.

Taking Notes Makes You More Productive

Note-taking is an important time management skill.

You should be writing things down during your meetings. Or during any engagement or interaction when it is important to have a record of important information.

“Always take notes of important information. You never know when you’ll need it again in the future.”

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Of course, there is a balance in note-taking. If you are taking down every word, then you aren’t really participating in the conversation. You are not there to take dictation, but rather capture the important facts and key points.

When you do, you will find that not only will your discussions be more productive, but that you will save time later.

Here are 5 Ways Taking Notes Makes You More Productive:

  1. Keeps You Engaged – It’s easy to “zone out” during meetings, especially ones that are unfocused. However, taking notes forces you to pay attention to the conversation.
  2. Captures Important Facts – Your notes should remember import information so you don’t have to. Write them down, so you don’t have to stress them later.
  3. Helps Your Memory – It has been shown that taking notes and writing things down helps your brain recall facts later. Some people swear by “written notes,” but I find that electronic notes work just as well.
  4. One Place for All the Facts – If you follow the time management principle of having one notebook (see The Power of One), then you know exactly where to look for your notes later. You won’t have to look up things you already captured.
  5. Saves Time Later – Taking notes prevents re-work. For example, looking up details you already heard or researching ideas that were already presented. When you write notes down now, you save yourself time later.

Write It Down Now, Save Time Later

If you don’t take notes during your day, you are missing key opportunities to maximize your productivity.

Note-taking not only helps you in the moment, but reduces effort later when you can use your notes to save time.

Today, make sure you take notes during all of your meetings and important conversations.

Question: How does taking notes improve your productivity? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

One thought on “5 Ways Taking Notes Makes You More Productive

  1. Hi Craig thanks for this piece. Strangely enough when I talk to my work colleagues about note-taking, most of them are pretty good at actually jotting down notes. What they lack is a system which enables the notes they take to become actionable without needing to transpose them into some other system.

    So I think beyond building a good note-taking habit, it pays to develop a system which enables your notes to be:

    – searchable

    – actionable

    – relatable.

    What do you think?

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