5 Reasons You Should Always Be Early

When was the last time you found yourself in a hurry because you were late?

Maybe it was packing for your day. (Or even more stressful, a trip!)
Perhaps, it was arriving to work on time.
Or just running down the hall to that post-lunch meeting.

Whatever your scenario, being rushed and late is not fun.

How would your day be different if you were early for your appointments?

The Power of 10 Minutes Early

Most of us spend too much time “rushing” through our day. Running from one appointment to the next, never quite catching our breath.

Much of this haste and stress is self-inflicted.

How does this happen? It’s because you leave things to the last minute and don’t allow adequate time to get to your next appointment.

When do you leave to arrive at your next meeting?

If you are like most people, you leave to get there exactly at the start time. If it is a 1PM meeting you leave to get there at 1PM.

That leaves no room for error or delay. And inevitably, something happens. Then you are rushing, late, and stressed.

This happens because you didn’t allow enough time to arrive early.

“10 minutes early is on time.”

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Instead, you should always give yourself ten extra minutes to arrive before your appointment.

You may say, “But, I don’t have 10 extra minutes to leave early.” But, that is an excuse, because arriving early sets you up for success in your day.

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Always Arrive Early:

  1. Less Stress – Much of our stress is self-inflicted. Stop creating stressful situations for yourself by being late. It doesn’t have to be that way and leaving early can prevent that stress before it begins.
  2. Less Haste – Haste does make waste when you rush. And when you don’t have enough time you are prone to making mistakes. It could be something simple like forgetting an important item. Or even getting lost because you aren’t paying attention.
  3. Extra Time to Catch Up – Many people think that arriving early will take too much time out of their day. Yet, arriving early actually gives you time back in your day. You will more than recoup the ten minutes you arrive early in the productivity you gain by being able to catch up and prepare.
  4. Adequate Travel Time – Leaving early gives you time to get where you are going. Most people don’t allocate enough time to travel to where they are going. Whether it is down the hall or across town, you cannot get there instantly. You need to allow time for your travel.
  5. Flexibility to Deal with the Unexpected – When you plan to arrive early you have the ability to adapt to the unforeseen. Traffic, forgotten items, or whatever unexpected difficulty that comes your way. Being early lets you deal with life’s little challenges before they become a problem.

Be Early and Reduce Your Rush

Being rushed and constantly late is not a fun way to live your day.

Adding just a few minutes to your schedule to arrive early can make all the difference. Today, try giving yourself an extra 10 minutes to arrive to your appointments.

Enjoy the reduced stress from not rushing. Not only will you have added time to catch up, but you’ll get to relax and watch others who coming running in late after you.

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  4. Great Info and the earlier you are the more you can get done. I found myself upset because I was later than usual today and I was still 25 minutes early.

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