Time Management Isn’t About Doing More

Cramming Tasks Doesn’t Make You More Productive

Someone recently said to me, “I don’t need time management. I can’t even get done what I have now, why would I want to do more in my day?”

A common misconception about time management is that it is all about doing more. Cramming too many tasks into your day. And that to be productive you need to madly rush about doing as much as possible.

Yet, time management should do just the opposite. It should let you accomplish more while doing less, while at the same time giving you more time back.

Beware the Busyness Trap

Doing more really only leads to one thing… being busier.

However, being busier done’t mean you are getting more done. Often it results in multi-tasking, too many things started, and not enough actually done.

Too often people confuse productivity with being busy.

Yet, isn’t that why you practice time management? So that you can be less busy? So you can have more time back in your day and life?

Time management isn’t always about doing more. It’s about more accomplished, more completed and more done. But, not simply about doing more.

Doing Less While Accomplishing More

Doing less of what’s more important always wins against doing more of the trivial. Don’t confuse being busy with being productive.

Time management’s purpose is to make your life easier.

Let it do it’s job so that you can accomplish more with less effort.

Question: Do you find yourself doing more than you should? Are you often busier than you are productive? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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