If You Don’t Take Action, Don’t Expect Change

You have a goal that you have wanted to accomplish for a long time.

Yet, here you are. Many years hence and you are no closer to that great achievement.

The truth is you probably aren’t that much closer than when you first thought of that big dream.

Why are you stuck?

You’re Not Stuck, You’re Not Taking Action

You have a big goal. (Hint: Everyone does.)

It would be life changing if you could make it happen. Yet, you keep telling yourself that would do it if you weren’t stuck in your current circumstances.

But, you aren’t stuck. You choose to keep doing the same thing.

You want a different story, but you keep acting the same part.

To get different results, you have to be different.

Tough words? Not really.

You want to be in shape, but you don’t workout.
You want a new job, but you don’t even apply.
You want to learn a new skill, but you don’t study.
You want to write a book, yet you don’t write.

The problem is that you are all talk and no action.

“If you don’t take action, you will never reach your goals.”

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Yet, taking dramatic action in your life requires change.
Change to your routine. Change to your activities. Even change to yourself.

And change isn’t it easy. It is downright difficult.

In fact, the majority of people don’t change. Not because they cannot, but because it is easier not to do so. They stay the same, day-after-day and year-after-year. They are “comfortably uncomfortable” in their current circumstances.

More of the Same Doesn’t Produce New Results

To create change in your life, you have to change. If you do the same as you have always done, you can’t expect new outcomes.

The word “change” means to “make or become different.”

How will you make yourself different today? What actions will you take to reach your big goal?

Question: What change are you trying to accomplish in your life? What changes in yourself will it require? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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