10 Ways Patience Makes You More Productive

We seem to have lost our patience in our society.

Everyone is rushing around acting like they are so busy that they don’t have a moment to wait.

Lack of patience is commonplace. People won’t wait more than a few seconds. And they feel entitled to lose it whenever they don’t receive instantaneous results.

The irony is that it is this lack of patience that is making them ineffective in their work and lives. Most individuals would be more productive if they just slowed down a bit.

The Patience Principle

You are so busy, you can’t slow down. It feels like you need to always be running faster, doing more, and squeezing as much into your day as possible.

The endless rush of your day leads to confusion, exhaustion, and ineffectiveness. You feel like you can’t slow down or you will simply drown in your work.

Yet, just a little patience can make all the difference.

“Patience results in more accomplished with less stress.”

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Slowing down can actually make you more productive in your efforts. And practicing patience is a habit you need in your day.

Here are 10 Ways that Patience Makes You More Productive:

  1. Get Things to Done – When you lack patience, you are quick to abandon tasks. The slightest obstacle causes you to move on to the next task and you leave the prior one undone. Be patient enough to finish what you start before taking on additional tasks.
  2. Being in the Moment – If you find yourself asking people what they just said or if they can repeat that last part, you aren’t living in the moment. You aren’t present and that leads to repetition and missed opportunities.
  3. Reduced Stress – You don’t need to panic at every little delay that happens in your day. Patience allows you to relax and enjoy the happenings that are life.
  4. More Creativity – Patience leads to creative ideas and solutions. When your mind is at rest it often thinks of its best ideas. Tough problems are often solved when you pause just long enough to allow your brain to think of another option or answer you hadn’t considered.
  5. Better Relationships – Practicing patience, you will experience better relationships. Society has lost common courtesy when it comes to patience. Before you “react” to someone else’s behavior consider what you would be doing if you were in their shoes.
  6. More Focus – Rushing leads to oversights and missed details. Being patient with a task (or individual) allows you to focus on the details that you may have otherwise missed.
  7. More Time – This one may seem counterintuitive, but when you are patient you will actually have more time in your day. Haste can make waste of your day, and simply being patient can allow you to have more conscious time to think.
  8. More Thoughtful – When you are patient, you are more thoughtful. You brain isn’t rushing to the next task. You can stop and actually think about what you should be doing. Or how you want to react to the situation at hand.
  9. Less Multi-tasking – Frustration and lack of follow-thru leads to more tasks started than completed. Lack of patience results in busyness, but not effectiveness. (See #1)
  10. Better Solutions – Speed is valuable in some situations, but patience can lead to more thoughtful answers and solutions to problems. Be decisive, yet be thoughtful before being too quick to jump.

Patience Makes Productivity

Being patient is a lost skill. Most people are too stressed to practice it, as they are busy running through their busy lives.

Yet, being patient can make you even more productive in your activities. It is not always about rushing faster to do more.

Being patient in your day will make you more effective at what you do, while making life easier at the same time.

Question: How do you practice patience in your day? How does it allow you to get more done? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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