Spending Too Much Time on the Wrong Things

Why You Need to Do Less in Order to Get More Done

You are what you do.

In other words, you are the results of the actions you take and the work you complete.

What are you doing that is taking up your valuable time?

Today, I want you to consider what you shouldn’t be doing.

In fact, what do you need to do less of in your life.

Too Much of the Wrong Things

When people talk about time management they usually talk about doing more in their day.

Yet, each day has the same amount of time in it. It’s not always about cramming more into your day but rather taking stuff out of your day.

What could you cut out to give yourself more time in your day?

The main reason you don’t get the important things done in your day is that you’re spending too much time doing other things.

What are these other activities? Usually they are low effort, low value actions that are forms of procrastination.

What are your procrastination activities?

  • Web surfing – What are you really learning?
  • Netflix bingeing – What could you do what that time?
  • Hanging out with the wrong people – You become them and their habits.
  • Reading the news – Most of it is trash and ads. And yes, much of it is “fake news.” To paraphrase Mark Twain, “If you don’t read the news, you’re uninformed. If you read the news, you’re mis-informed.”
  • Eating junk food – Eating junk isn’t going to give you more time or energy in your day. And your body doesn’t need as much food as you think it does.
  • Doing unnecessary work – Much of the work in your job is extraneous. What could be stopped in order to let you concentrate on the duties that really matter?
  • Too much social time – Hobbies are good. (A hobby can make you more productive.) Yet, having too many side activities can also be overwhelming. Keep them in check so that you don’t end up with more hobbies than you can handle.
  • Too many obligations – You don’t need to say “yes” every request that comes your way. Otherwise, your calendar will be filled with other people’s priorities and not your own.

When Less Means More Done

The next time you say you’re “too busy,” stop and look at what you are truly doing.

Most likely, you’ll find that your day is taken up by self-created busyness. Either low priority work, or simply procrastination activities.

Sometimes less is more. And when it comes to your time, you need to do less in order to have time for what matters most.

Question: What procrastination activities are you guilty of? What do you need to do less of in your day to have more time? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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One thought on “Spending Too Much Time on the Wrong Things

  1. Whole heartedly agree Craig! Of course… everyone wants to do “more” but nobody ever stops to think that they can achieve more by actually doing less. 80/20.