Why You Can’t Cram Your Way to Success

Consistency, Not Effort, Wins the Race

When you have a big goal or task, you don’t do it in one sitting.

You may try, but big results require big investments of time. Consistency wins the race, not cramming.

Whether it is a big goal or simply a tough task, you have to put in the time.

Results Require Time and Effort

Too often when individuals pursue a goal they go “all out” at the outset.

Ironically, they try too hard when they begin. It may seem counterintuitive, but we have all done this.

And what happens when you push too hard and try to do a new goal all at once?

You burn out.

You run out of energy. You lose momentum. You forget your passion.

And then you quit.

Real progress isn’t made in one effort. It is the result of consistent sustained effort.

This is true of almost all endeavors in life.

Here are just a few examples where you can’t cram your way to success:

  • You can’t get in shape by going to the gym once for 12 hours. (Or even 7 days for a week.)
  • You don’t get good grades by cramming at the end of a course. (Although many people try…)
  • You don’t win by playing a game once.
  • Your company isn’t successful after closing one customer.
  • You can’t master a new skill in one sitting. Some take years of practice.
  • You don’t reach the top of your field in a flash. (And if you do, you usually end up being a “flash in the pan.”)

Those who are (truly) at the top of their game have gotten their by hard work. Lots of long practice, learning, and time invested.

The Success of Consistency

Success in life isn’t a quick endeavor.

Celebrities, the news, and the Internet would have you believe otherwise. But, true success takes years of sustained effort. Whether in your career, in your personal life, or even getting in shape.

When you try to “cram success” you burn out quickly. Sometimes you get hurt or do damage to your career or relationships.

There are no shortcuts to your goals. You have to put in the time, you have to do the practice, and yes… you have to be consistent.

Question: How does consistency help you reach your goals? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Cram Your Way to Success

  1. This is exactly what I do when I have a long-to-do or complicated task. I break it into pieces, and plan to do 1-2 pieces a day. Otherwise I am even afraid to start that task 🙂